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• 7/7/2018

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• 3/19/2017

Framework BB1 clone

Hey guys and gals. So I'm in the process of trying to create a BB1 clone game with the same layout and mechanics as the original. I'm in the process of trying to code the battle mechanics now as that is the main portion of the game and might take me awhile since I'm learning as I go.
That being said if anyone wants to help contribute to the game as far as ideas, programming, or helping with character art please let me know. I would love for this to turn into a full pledged game on the play store.
The game is going to be called Framework and will be in a virtual utopia where people upload their minds to get away. Framework is being corrupted by a virus and people are getting traps. The minds of the long dead creators of Framework are awoken to stop this virus.
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• 2/5/2017

My phone cant play BB2

My phone is Samsung Galaxy s7, i cant search the BB2 in play store, then i tried to download via computer, however, it said that "this application is not authenticated" error, how to fix it?
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• 11/28/2016

New game

If any of you see this message I've started playing Monster Age. It's a fun game and wanted to see if anyone of you play or want to come play it.
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• 7/27/2016

Tower of blood reset?

Does anyone know when the tower of blood reset? Is it monthly?
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• 7/21/2016

Team Hectic!

Team Hectic is Recruiting! We are looking for players to join our family. We have players from all over the world, and we strive to maintain a strong sense of friendship and community. Our guild generally ranks around 7-15. We are one of the few top-15 guilds that has not merged, or been absorbed by another guild, so we are proud of being drama-free! We offer a great combination of competitive rank and rewards, without the hassle and daily pressure that comes with the highest-ranked guilds. 
We are seeking active players who are interested in a friendly community. We also have a sister guild for newer players who are looking for an opportunity to learn some strategy and improve themselves. If you are interested in joining, please post here or contact pkrish6 on Line. We look forward to hearing from you!
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• 6/27/2016

What is SP Crystal for?

i got it from the special chapter maybe and i dont know what  is it for... can someone help me tell this? actually i'm newbie and i just already played this for 3 days... thanks :)
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• 6/19/2016

What are purification stones for?

Are they actually used for anything or just for donating to the guild for amber
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• 6/17/2016

What are spirits for?

Topic says it all, can anyone tell me what the red, green, and blue spirits are used for?
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• 6/17/2016

Am I missing something about souls?

I feel like souls are much easier to obtain than I think lol. The only souls I have are the ones from various pacts and the Lludos one from getting a bunch of him in the start of the game. But I haven't actually aquired any souls myself, I've only earned them from pacts, as I've said. How do you make the souls? I've been playing for a while now, my teams have legendaries and epic+ cammanders, but I have hardly any souls aside from ones from pacts. Am I missing something? Lol
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• 5/31/2016

BB2 Chat?

I was part of the original Blood Brothers competitive scene for awhile and I know that the wikia chat room for that game was very active with 20+ people at all times. Does this game have anything like that? I noticed there is nobody in the wikia chat. Maybe there just isn't really a big competitive scene yet?
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• 5/17/2016

Crafting with a Purpose ...maybe

After a convorsation with a guild mate about how to craft an (XL) soul. I started searching out the answer. We had decided that it must be random... right?  
Is there a way to add 5 souls and get an uber (XL) soul from it? Maybe adding 5 (L) souls gives an (XL)?                                                sounds so simple.. 
Using 5 souls that are the same rarity will make a soul 1 rarity higher.  If I use 5* souls, Then I am going to get a 6* from them.. But whats the best way to get the max size (S) (L) (XL)
But are there any rules that apply to this, Any methods that have been applied by someone to guarentee a certian outcome?
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• 5/11/2016

GASF Guilds

A new family...A new pathogen...A new breed of guild...We are calling not just the brave and strong.. we are calling all active members  to join our guilds.
Requirements are:
- Access to line app.
- Active guild members
- Demonstrating Respect, Patience and Brotherhood
Our aim:
- To give everyone of our members a fighting chance at t10 guild.
- To help grow and advise our members so to target better game rewards.
- To target respectively t10 t20 t50  leaderboard rewards.
If interested please contact any one of our leaders via line app.
Butchrboy sekta300 Doublef1970 sjsteele Kuramasan

en Francais :
Une nouvelle famille ! Un nouveau pathogene ! Un sacré groupement de guildes constitué actuellement de GASFPandemic, GASFEpidemic et GASFOutbreak.
Venez nous rejoindre. Que vous soyez braves et forts, ou juste débutant mais actifs, une place vous sera attribuée si vous avez les pré-requis :
Utilisez l’application de chat LINE
Etre un membre actif
Faire preuve de respect, patience et faternité
Notre but :

Donner à chacun une chance de vous battre dans une guilde top10
Aider tous les membres de notre famille à progresser et obtenir de meilleurs récompenses.
Atteindre respectivement top10, top25 et top50 dans le classement des guildes

Si vous êtes intéressé, contactez l’ID Kuramasan sur LINE
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• 4/24/2016

Commander Storage

Hey Tacticians,
a simple question: A few updates ago, the so called "commander storage" was introduced. Where do i find it? My 300 commander slots are full and the ones in the inbox will be wasted, if i dont sell others. Would like to move them to my storage, but cant find the option anywhere.
Thanks in advance.
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• 4/24/2016

Mythic Sold Out?

Can anyone tell me why for both the melee and the cavalry alleged mythic pacts now, when I was notified on my phone I haven't been able to connect? For the melee one, once I was sble to connect it was sold I don't see how this is fair as I'm guessing the same thing will happen again once I'm able to connect, the cavalry will be sold out. It is literally frozen on the title screen when any other time it starts with no problem. This hapoen to anyone else?
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• 4/12/2016

Team Hectic is Recruiting!

The Hectic Family consists of two guilds, Team Hectic and Too Hectic. The first guild ranks around 8-13, and the second guild ranks 50-70. We are looking for active players who are looking to join a supportive and friendly community. We welcome veterans, as well players who are looking to grow and improve their tactics by participating in our guild chat. We also pride ourselves on being drama-free - we are one of the few top guilds that has not merged with, or been absorbed by other guilds!

The guild was created by Medal, who has the most bb2 video on the internet - check out his entertaining site for more info, on

Please post here or contact pkrish6 on the Line app for more info
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• 4/12/2016

How to cast a spell when the blue arrow is glowing?

I'm swiping, but it only activates/deactivates CMD. Have been swiping right to lefte, left to right, downwards, etc. Don't get it...
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• 4/6/2016

No connectivity

Im having issues not being able to connect unless connected to a wifi connection. Only the past few days i havent been able to connect through my phones wap...
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• 4/1/2016

Can't post screenshots :(

I guess this is due to me being on I Phone 6. Idk if anyone knows why it won't let me but if I simply can't, I'll have to wait till I get home to my laptop
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• 3/31/2016

Need Advice On My CMD's and My Squad(newb) Please....

Finally updated and posted my stuff on the computer...
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