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• 6/26/2015

Help creating the best arena team

Hello everyone!

I've been testing tings trying to find a solid team that can make me reach and play in BL3. I've got some new commanders in the last days so i am ki


nda confused. I was considering going for a full WIS  team, but then i found 5* Sokald, and now it is really messy :D

I will post some screenshots of all the commanders, souls and e

quipment that i have. 

I was wondering if some of you would check my list, and give me some ideas on what will perform best and what to equip on who, to be able to perform better!

Your help will be really appreciated!

Thanks in advan
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• 6/26/2015

Hello Bigallo,

i would rather not run a wis comp because you don t have the souls to back it up.

My idea would be: Watcher, Carlo (buffer), Lind, Sokald, Camile or Aso (depends on souls/Equipment if another at or wis)

Good luck in the arena

• 6/30/2015

A little update:

i now also have:

- Ruk 5*

- Kavana 4

- Morganis 4

- Gathgoic 4

• 6/30/2015

how many of your 5* and 4/5 commanders are heroed? and who.

looking at your gear/souls/commanders, a hybrid line is best. Wis and Atk.

I personally would do

Watcher, Sokald 5*, Lind, fafnir, Aso

• 6/30/2015

Heroed are:

Aso, Camile, Watcher, ghisa, Carlocette, Fafnir, Lind, and some other 4.

Sokald will be soon.

Of the last i added Morganis, gathoic and Ruk could be if needed

• 6/30/2015

yeah, i didn't mention them because they are good for pve, but not great at pvp, especially 4* morg

Stack tank souls on watcher and tank/wis on Aso

4 wis and 1 tank soul on lind

4 atk and 1 tank soul on fafnir

4 atk and 1 tank on sokald

Obviously if you dont have that many atk/wis, then put more tank souls.

• 7/1/2015

As a Fafnir user myself before, I can tell he's pretty weak for PvP.. Personally I would pick Camile > Fafnir, reason being Camile have 1 hit KO potential (killing the one she's facing, almost always guaranteed if you use it against same tier melee), plus she buff DEF by a great amount, extremely useful against ATK team. The plus of Fafnir is his cooldown, but a simple def buff could screw his skill up as the mod isn't too high.

• 7/1/2015

I would run kavana,watcher,aso,camile,lynd. kavana+camile def buff will stack together nicely also kavana is atk boosted camile is basically an archer bael, it will definitly take down 1 commander and if they are melee it might even kill 2.  

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