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• 1/22/2016

Flank Damage Question

I notice NPCs do about 2k+ flank damage to my brigs... but when I flank it's only about 200 damage...

What influences the damage with flanks and how can I make my flank attacks do more damage?

Thank you!

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• 1/22/2016

a flank attack will do 10% of the target's current health in damage.

so, if they have 2000 health, and you do a flank, only 200 damage will be done. While you, with 20,000 or greater will receive a 2000 damage flank attack. 

Multiple flankers will do 10% of current health, and then 10% after that attack's current health. You can't kill a unit with a flank, its always 10% no matter what.

• 1/29/2016

Oh, ok! Thank you for the information!

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