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• 3/31/2016

Still confused about evolving and absolving...

This evolving and absolving thing is still very much confusing to me even though I've read pretty much every article I could find about it. Why does it seem like I can raise a CMD's max level by sacrificing a different CMD? I don't understand as I thought you could only do this by obtaining many duplicates of the same one. I haven't done it yet as I'm scared to sac someone and regret it with the exception of Lludos whom I evolved because I drew many of him by luck. Am I going crazy?
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• 4/1/2016

Evolving is pretty much getting enough copies of a weaker commander, let's say a  4 star commander ,and raising them to 5 stars.

Absolving is when you get enough copies of the already evolved commander and beacause they can't get to a higher star level they instead get "absolved". After absolving a commander you get a soul and that commander will go back to level 1 ( they still reamin in the same star level ).

Now as max level goes when you get a copy for any commander, their max level will be boosted by 2 and when you level them up to the max ( level them to their current max level ) then you get the option to boost their level by sacrificing  another commander of the same star level. Now when you choose to sacrifice another commander to boost the max level of one of your commanders, know that the boost will differ depending on the sacrificed commander's amount of copies you own. Basically if you sacrifice a commander who you own only 1 copy of, then the level boost is small, but if you sacrifice another commander who you have the max allowed number of copies, then the level boost get's even stronger. 

I don't know how much this helped ( if it did at all ), feel free to ask more questions so we can better help you out.

• 4/1/2016

The main point of evolving/ascending is to get souls. What your talking about is the max level boost feature, it has nothing to do with evolving or ascending commanders.

New Content Update as of January 15th, 2016

you can check max level boost section of that, I think thats what you are talking about  

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