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• 3/31/2016

Need Advice On My CMD's and My Squad(newb) Please....

Finally updated and posted my stuff on the computer...
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• 4/1/2016

screen shots would be your best bet. so we can see your commanders, gear and soul you have available. Sometimes people think they don't have the right combos but with a little tweaking its possible :D

• 4/2/2016
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Ok guys so I'm still fairly new but just from playing story and arena I had horded 50 sigils twice.  I used them to buy the beginners pact and now the hellfire pact.  I've gotten to the 5th star on Blood II in the arena so I guess I'm doing okay.  I've been switching my main squad around for events(ex. using undead fams for hellfire event) but I'm honestly still lost when it comes to knowing which fams I should get rid of and finding the best possible team comps overall(I guess PvP would benefit the most idk).  That being said this is virtually all my stuff with very few exceptions like since i screenshotted this I played through some of the floors of the hellfire story and managed to get 2 more Destruction so now he's at 46 and 2/4.  Also I played some of the tower floors and got some more spirits but not nearly enough yet.  I'm just wondering what (if anything) else I can do and what kind of team combinations I should be looking to make. Thanks in advance!!
• 4/9/2016

PvP choices are more towards;

Low Skill Charge


Unavoidable Attack

You can make most fams work once you get some decent gear (I still use a 4/5 lvl 42 Spades for PvP due to quickstrike and disable on skill), Mod obviously matters but if you pick affinities correctly many skills can 1 shot multiple opponents, especially with chainers (buffs etc)

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