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In the arena you go head to head with other players (Live Opponent) or computer controlled 5 man brigades.

These brigades increase in difficulty as you increase your league.

Each league consists of 5 sub levels.  Everytime that you increase your league levels you are rewarded with gold or blood sigils.

As you increase your win streak, you are granted a multiplier that increases the number of League Points you receive per win.

The loading circle in the center is your best friend if you forget which affinity is weak/strong against another. Ranged vs Melee, etc...
Circle of Classes

Circle of Affinities

When looking at the circle, the class to the right of the desired class is the strong against class. For example. The Ranged Symbol is to the left, or counter clockwise of the Melee, meaning the ranged are strong against the melee and will do more damage. Alternatively, melee will do less damage to ranged.

When damage is dealt, and the affinities are equal, the text will be colored white. If the attacker is strong against the defender, the damage will be red. If the attacker is weak against the defender, the damage will be blue.

Arena MasteriesEdit





Mastery Blood League II

Mastery Blood League III

Arena EnemiesEdit

Full List here: Arena Enemies

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