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The Iron Vow

Gottlieb has a new toy!

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Bathe in Flames

Brigade! Now even more annoying with Isho' souls!

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Unholy Experiments

Sir Brynt, Slayer of all things melee.

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Brothers In Arms

Welcom Xell into the mix, best Def/ATK buffer so far!

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Recently Released Commanders
Oct 13
Gabriella, of the Long Dark
Melee Westerner Rarity on.png 4/6
Gottlieb, Grimtower
Melee Dwarf Rarity on.png 4/5
Victoriana, of Guarded Paths
Cavalry Westerner Rarity on.png 4/5
Oct 6
Aberdeen, of the Sharp Peak
Cavalry Highlander Rarity on.png 5/6
Necruus, Rancid Tongue
Cavalry Undead Rarity on.png 4/5
Rynos Khan, of the Bloodied Horns
Cavalry Lizardman Rarity on.png 4/5
Sep 29
Ger Gildwalker, Of Shining Plate
Melee Dwarf Rarity on.png 4/5
Korveth, Odin's Hound
Ranged Champion Rarity on.png 4/5
The Reaver, Pyre of the Lost
Cavalry Undead Rarity on.png 5/6
Sep 22
Fjorr, Frostscale
Cavalry Lizardman Rarity on.png 4/6
Ryo Masamune, Silent Ronin
Melee Easterner Rarity on.png 4/5
Silverbane, Spirit Rider
Melee Westerner Rarity on.png 4/6
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