These are the Chapters that the Story of Blood Brothers 2 takes you through.

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  • Story mode is the normal play of the game that will continually progress as you get further in to the chapters and reveal the lore within Blood Brothers 2.
  • During story mode Tactics are usable, and only at this location. Tactics will give you the upperhand on areas that seem too hard to complete.
  • Think of this mode as a clever game of chess versus the computer. Plan ahead your moves and you are sure to win! However, I wouldn't take a bunch of pawns to fight the king and queen.
  • Pay attention to the enemies for that area and their total health before you enter. If theirs is WAY higher (like 2-3 times higher) than yours, I would go back and farm some lower levels first or play in arena for more coins and upgrade your commanders.
  • Your home base is your life! Literally in some cases. If your home base, or your starting castle position, gets comprimised, you automatically lose the match and you lose the energy spent getting into that area.
  • Running low on health but don't want to use your precious tactic points on heals? Not a problem! Head back to your starting location to get a quick heal! However you need to keep a close eye on your moves you have left, because if you don't have enough to get to the opponents castle position, then you also lose the match. It would be wise to count how many steps it would take to get from your castle to the opponents BEFORE you start trying to use it for healings.
  • As stated above, you must step on the opponents castle location to win the level for that chapter. Even if all the enemies are dead! So pay attention to your steps. As you progress there will be various ways to increase your moves and tactics.
  • Have more than one squad on the board? Line up a flank attack by placing one of your units directly accross from the enemy you want to hit and then attack with your other squad. Your flanking unit will unleash an extra attack before you enter the fight!
  • Clear more chapters to open new masteries!
  • As of patch 2.4.0 new Daily Chapters have been added with farm-able 4* (Epic) Commanders:

- Monday - Sir Cervaine, The Thorn or Lorelei, Harpy Queen

- Tuesday - Nemi, Fist of the Master or Xanti, Cruelwing

- Wednesday - Luthar, Lich Lord or Vok, Avatar of Mok

- Thursday - Tepaxtl, The Poison Spear or Grendel, Bloodboil

- Friday - Gavin, High Templar or Ao Shun, The Cerulean Sky

- Saturday - Yulia, Serpent's Soul or Luthar, Lich Lord

- Sunday - Vok, Avatar of Mok or Hailoth-gol, Ancient Retainer       

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