Commanders are recruited to fight alongside you in your journeys. Commanders can be recruited by capturing them after battle or by using blood sigils on pacts.

There is a limit to the number of commanders you can have.

Commanders' StatsEdit

There are currently 4 stats, from which commanders derive their power: HP (health points), ATK (attack), WIS (wisdom), and DEF (defense).

HP: the amount of health your commander has.

ATK: affects the amount of damage your commander will do with regular attacks and skills which base their damage off of ATK, disregarding the defense or affinities of the enemy.

WIS: affects the amount of damage and effectiveness of wisdom based skills. Wisdom also provides defense for your commander versus these same types of skills which derive their power from WIS, instead of ATK. You can tell whether a skill derives its power from WIS or ATK based on the icon in front of the skill name, which will be either a scholarly cap for WIS, or a sword for ATK.

DEF: affects the amount of damage absorbed by regular enemy attacks, and skills which derive their power from ATK.

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