Guilds were added to BB2 on 21 May 2015.

Guilds contain a new feature of guild chat, located at the top of your screen when you are not in pvp or in a zone.

The Guild Icon was added to the bottom of the menu screens  

Guild Icon

Once created, a Guild has 4 different ranks:

  • Owner - defaulted to the original creator of the guild
  • Leader - Promoted by the Owner and has more privilages than captain and member.
  • Captain - Secondary Leader
  • Member - Default for new members

Guilds Also brought Amber, for use on Amber pacts.

Currently, you can get 1 amber for every 5 sigil that are purchased or $4 spent from another player. The purchaser does not get any amber.  The amber pacts cost 100 amber to purchase and have previous Pact commanders.

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