Pacts can give you new commanders. You get free pacts everyday and can buy special pacts with Sigils.

Premium Blood PactsEdit


These Pacts are paid pacts that are purchased with Blood Sigils. You are guaranteed a Rare (3*) or above commander with these pacts. You can purchase 1 Pact for 5 Blood Sigils or 10 Pacts for 50 Blood Sigils.

Free Daily PactsEdit


There 1 free pacts available everyday. This pacts is available at a specific time during the day and cannot be obtained if they are missed.


Dawn Pact - 04:00 EST

Exclusive PactsEdit


Exclusive Pacts are special pacts that are only available for a limited time. Exclusive Pacts usually contain a new and unique commander, ecxlusively available for the duration of the pact. Exclusive Pacts vary in structure and cost. Some allow sets of 3, 5, or 10 pacts to be purchased an unlimited number of times with drop rates that vary for each set (increasing with larger sets). Others are tiered, beginning with purchase of smaller sets and progressing through purchases of larger sets until the final tier is reached. The latter variety often guarantees the exclusive commander once the final tier is purchased.

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