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Pain and Agony… and Mergers, oh my! -- 09 September 2015Edit

So the news of the week is that Maison and Casa Mizy merged with Bort. We took advantage of the no leaderboard gauntlet event to assess where everyone falls in the rankings, but it looks like we’ll have Bort Keep, Bort and Maison Mizy in that order. Bort Bros remains separate for the moment, I haven’t heard yet what the plans are for them since they’re really a separate guild from Bort and not a feeder guild, iirc.

I discovered that mergers are no small matter. It doesn’t matter how often you explain it, there are still people who won’t have heard what’s happening, lol. It doesn’t matter that you post the explanation in LINE posts, not everyone notices that there are new posts to read. It doesn’t matter that you post it in guild chat, because sometimes, the remaining members aren’t active, or just plain doesn’t read English. But despite the rather messy beginning, I have to say it all went very well.

All of the Bort leaders objected to the name MizBort, lol, and I couldn’t talk them into Mizy’s Boy Toys either. I was really bummed out about that, hahaha! And I didn’t want to call it Maison Bort or Bort Maison, because Maison is how we refer to Maison Mizy. So, I stayed with the concept of a home and came up with Bort Keep. A little more military in nature, albeit medieval military, lol! So BK, OB (Original Bort), and MM. :-P

Maison is effectively the tiltyard, if we stay with the medieval castle analogy. It’s a training ground for newer players who need time to develop their rosters. I see a lot of growth there already, just in that one event, which makes me really happy. We’ll be moving people in and out of all three guilds depending on who’s better at the upcoming event and whether or not they’ll be available to play, but Bort Keep will be aiming for the top spot, with Bort in the top 10. We’ll see how it all pans out and whether we need to go back to the drawing board. :-)

It makes a difference when you have competition, even within the guild. I know I pushed harder just because Darling Cruz was way ahead in points. And I know that poop stayed up till 4 am that one night just to pass my point total before he called it quits, lol! But of course, cold beat us all at the end with over 68 mil, which is quite hilarious to me. :-) I took a look at all the point totals and they’re all higher than they were before, at least for Maison and Casa members. It’s healthy competition, and I’m loving it. All of this resulted in BK getting to 605 mil on Sunday morning and OB on Monday morning, which we’re all very proud of. Maison should hit the brilliant claymore prize, which is great since it was only 2/3 full for most of the event. It bodes well for the future in terms of PvE anyway.

There was a bit of movement of the leaders between the guilds, judicious so as not to trigger the penalty, so I don’t remember who was in which guild but Crazywulf (Darling Cruz), Fogline (Fog), Timechild (TC), Vad, Lolyeung (Loly), Poop, idoless (idol), Manzius, narsk, ltpilgrim, Hirule, kreetyar (kreet), Xaymaca (Xay), mejustme (mjm), Speaker, Einblinr (Ein), and Mario are the leaders in the three guilds. I don’t think I missed anyone on the list, but I can’t be sure, there are so many of us now. :-) I’m not on the leader list, because I’m just “that bossy bitch”, lmao! There were a few I didn’t get a chance to talk to, but I thought I’d introduce you to the House of Bort. Don’t worry, it’ll be brief, because of the number. ;-)

Darling Cruz is our fearless leader. Former military, medically discharged. He’s used Crazy Wolf as a gamer name for a while, but changed it to Wulf because Wolf was taken at one point, now Crazywulf has stuck. His middle name, Gonzalo, translates to wolf, and he says he’s always been a little crazy, lol. But to me, he’s patience personified. I think I’ve screwed up every single post I’ve made at the wiki, and he’s fixed them for me each time. I think he’s a sweetheart and I adore him, hence the nickname Darling Cruz, lol.

I’ve introduced Fog before, so I’m not going to say much except that I laugh every time I see the fogline on the streets. :-) And I depended on him even more during this merger phase. I was struggling after the last two events and Fog provided a more objective perspective on the merger and everything else that was going on.

TC’s from Croydon, which is a South London suburb, in the UK. He’s my go-to guy for esoteric trivia. Every time I’ve asked some weird question or other, he’d have the answer off the top of his head. I love it! But I’ll talk about the UK with anyone, since I’m into medieval English history, plus it’s the setting for a lot of the historical mysteries that I love to read. He moved to Croydon from Cambridge, so he could hang out with his London friends. There’s a tram from Croydon to Wimbledon, but Croydon’s far enough outside of Central London that he has to take a regular train there, and not the underground. I’ve asked him about his IGN before but I’ve somehow erased all that from LINE. :-( I only remember that he thought TimeChild was cool.

Idoless is also from the UK, but up near Lancaster. He’s an accountant at a golf club, which sounds really swanky to me. I caught him on a day when he’d just finished a charity walk for a hospice, which immediately made him my favorite person. The walk is described here, which immediately won my respect. You won’t find me trudging through the mud, no sir! It’s the wild city streets of New York for me! Idoless is from a song by the Distillers. It’s also I-do-less, lmao! Which is a gentle pun on his laziness, apparently!

Loly’s from the San Francisco Bay Area but he’s spending four months in Dubai. He’s an architect and he’s been commissioned to design a mansion there! I found that really exciting, and actually watched a documentary about Dubai because of it. It seems to be quite an amazing place, really. But Loly sounded a little miffed when I asked him about the mansion he’s designing, and it made me laugh because the owner has rather traditional ideas in terms of what he wants, and I think Loly wants to make his mark in Dubai… ;-)

Vad is one of my rising stars. :-) It’s amazing what one or two good comms will do for your bb2 game. He bought just a single Legendary pact and there was no holding him back after that. I’m so proud of him, I could burst. :-) He also managed the spreadsheet for Maison and Casa and is very good at it. I found out later that he’s a Data Analyst for an oil company in Varazdin, Croatia. He’s also into music and has some recordings at Check them out!

Hirule is our consigliere. ;-) Just kidding, lol! He’s a corporate finance attorney here in New York, but he grew up in Southern California. His wife is a doctor, and they met in college. It amused me to find out that he lives in Brooklyn, just down the road from where I live in Long Island City. One day, I jokingly said that our families should meet for dim sum or something, but that was met with total silence. I found out later that he has two boys, ages four and one, so I’m rather glad he didn’t take me up on it, lol! I’m not sure I can handle a meal with 2 little boys, more than likely rambunctious ones because, you know, all boys are rambunctious. Hubby and I are grumpy old people… :-D

Mjm now manages Maison Mizy, he’s another of my rising stars. He’s from Ankara, Turkey and is studying to be a mining engineer. His English is flawless, and it was a good long while before I even realized he wasn’t from the US, UK or Australia. I think it was only when I used some wacky slang that tripped him up or I doubt I would have found out. :-) It cracked us both up when he said he met his girlfriend over the internet, but it sounds like a serious relationship to me. He’ll be spending the week with her and she’s evidently against him reaching for his cell phone, lol! I also cracked up when he told me why he decided to use “mejustme” as his IGN. “I love myself and I am always thinking of myself first when I am making decisions. The idea is, the most important thing is my happiness, everything else comes from that, so what matters in my life is me, just me”. I love it! :-P

Poop (ign WulfWulf) is out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has this strange obsession with this particular biological function, and all chats immediately go down the toilet when he’s there, lmao! But he’s very funny. Well, when he’s not being Hitler, anyway. He’s quite relentless when he’s after something, which took some getting used to. ;-) He played DoT until it was shut down, and switched over to bb2 when it happened, and came close to quitting bb2 until guilds were introduced. I understand that, actually. It’s definitely the community that makes this game fun.

kreetyar is from Queensland, Australia but now lives on the Coast. He’s got 3 darling kids, 2 boys and a girl, that he’s showed us pictures of over the last few months. One time, we were all posting pictures of ourselves, and he cracked me up when he posted his, because all we could see were flames. He does fire twirling and fire breathing and the picture came from one of his performances. He claims he rarely smiles, but I can attest to the fact that he has a wickedly sharp sense of humor. Often subtle, and sometimes rather deadly! When he started playing bb2, Grendel showed up on the screen, and the word creature popped into his mind, and he twisted it about until he came up with kreetyar which he then used as his IGN. He loves puzzles and stuff, and even stumped Fog when we were playing a sort of pictionary using line stickers. I was completely useless at that game, lmao!

Mario and Xay are brothers. Xay has been playing a lot longer than Mario, but Mario became a leader first, which made me laugh. I guess it’s still apropos though, because Mario’s the older brother. He’s a medic in the army, stationed at Fort Bliss. He loves motorcycles and has one to get around in, but it was some brand I’d never heard of. That doesn’t mean anything though, lol. He has a beautiful 23 month old little boy. :-) He showed me pictures of himself and Xay, and they somewhat resemble Keith Hamilton Cobb who played Tyr in Gene Roddenderry’s Andromeda. Just as yummy as KHC too! :-P

Xay was also in the army, but he was discharged a year early for medical reasons. He’s single and he plans on staying single. But I seriously doubt the girls around him are going to let him stay single, yummy as he is! He’s taking a semester break but will be diving back into college, likely EMT for the health care experience. He’s planning on majoring in Psychology.

Speaker is short for Speaker for the Dead. Yes, he’s an Orson Scott Card fan. :-) I loved that book, so I recognized it right off. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s the second book, after Ender’s Game. I think it’s hands down the best book of the trilogy. Speaker’s the reason that Casa Mizy existed at all. He was one of a few who applied to Maison right after it filled up. I really enjoyed talking to him and decided to open a second guild for those like him who are just into playing the game for fun. It’s turned out really well for all of us.

Ein totally surprised me, lol. He’s a senior in high school. He’s so mature in his discussions on LINE chat that I totally missed that. I’m usually better at the nuances than that. So he laughed at me when I asked him if he had kids, lmao! Yeah, I’d be worried if he was a high school senior with kids. He’s spent the last week or so filling out applications for college, and hoping to major in computer science or engineering. Oy vey! That makes me feel old!

I don’t have any information on Manzius, narsk or ltpilgrim. Manzius just didn’t respond, lol, and I didn’t know about narsk or ltpilgrim till the end of the event. But I will get something out of them before too long. Count on it. ;-)

So why merge? My reasons morphed as the days passed. I started talking to Hirule about merging because I was seriously thinking about leaving the game after Citadel. I didn’t feel like I could leave Maison without an owner and I knew Fog didn’t want to own a guild. That was important, because he’s the one I would have given Maison to, and I would have given Casa to mjm.

I’ve always liked the BortPack, and they’re a competitive bunch. I knew they were looking for good players. It’s almost impossible to recruit high ranking players anymore. They’re mostly either in high ranking guilds or looking for a high ranking guild. So I thought it might work out for Bort if we merged with them.

That’s when it started to morph for me. During the merger discussions, and looking over the spreadsheets of people and their rankings, I began to become interested again. And I actually found this past event fun again, partly because of the head to head competition and partly because I could see that everyone was enjoying themselves, getting to know each other, competing against each other.

A number of people did their best to help me find my footing again after Citadel. And I really needed all of them. I wasn’t always inclined to listen and I was rather ungrateful in at least one, if not more, instance. But when I finally got my equilibrium back, I could see where they were right, particularly ¢hrome. It’s wonderful to have friends that care. Friends like Collodi who soothe my bruised ego, and friends like ¢hrome who lay the practical facts out for when I’m ready to decide what to do. And new friends like Tactician from Sanguis who helped me put all of that into perspective. Which ultimately was that I’m not cut out for the political side of gaming. That is the most important part of what the merger is going to do for me, personally, and that is to take me out of the politics. I’ll deal with the administrative stuff, if I have to. I’ll even deal with the people issues. But I won’t have to deal with the political guild issues. I’m just going to play the game now, and I think that will work out for the better. A personal club penguin oasis, if you like. :-)

So I'm sure it’s clear that I’m not leaving, not after dropping a bundle to absolve Hel, anyway, lol. I’ll be writing event wraps, and even posting them at the forum again. If you missed last week’s, you can find it at the wiki, along with all the other ones I’ve written.

See you all around the leaderboard!

To the Death - Event Wrap -- 01 September 2015Edit

This was a quiet event for me, I was still exhausted from dealing with the fallout from the Citadel. So I didn’t pay very much attention, and I was given the impression that someone else would do this event wrap so I didn’t take any screenshots at the end of the event. I’m doing this strictly from memory, so there’ll be inaccuracies, but I don’t care. The piss poor excuse of an event wrap on the forum made it clear to me that no one cares about accuracy anyway.

But the big news, iirc, was that LoD and lolwut merged. Their goal was to have their main guild in the top 3 and the next guild in the top 5. At the end of the event, it looks like they achieved their goal, so congratulations are in order.

I didn’t start looking until a day or two into the event, but when I did, Strawdragons were at the top, and super from Strawdragons was at the top of the individual leaderboard. The guild leaderboard obviously changed by the end of the event, but it made for interesting observation.

Super dived deep into his proof of concept that one could win simply by playing the bots in BL1. I’m sure he was ready to tear his hair out by the end of the event but he did it. I hope that DeNA will take this to heart and fix Arena so that the poor man didn’t sacrifice his sanity for nothing.

TheBeast was, of course, a force to be reckoned with. I did beat him once, but I happened to luck out on him when he had no skills charged. None. I would never dare to play in BL3 without at least 4 skills charged and the last with just 1 turn left, but there he was. The next time I met with him, he had 2 skills charged, and I lost. Gotta tip your hat and just move on when that happens, ya know?

I missed seeing Bishop on the leaderboard, but he’s going to be very busy through the end of the year and beyond, I believe is what he said. :( Great for him, but not fun for me. I like competing against him, he’s a generous man, and easy to talk to, even during a competition.

I was rooting for Hirule, of course. I’d forfeit when I saw him, so that he could save his skill charges for the next bout. Alas, I only drew him twice this event. Still, he made the top 5, so I’m really happy for him.

I think I only drew Crazywulf once, and I clearly didn’t play it like he thought I should, lol. He flashed “Poor choice” at me, which completely distracted me. I’ve learned to ignore “I will crush you” because, pfft, it’s usually from people who can’t. But darling ccruz knows a thing or two. And I learned a thing or two after that bout, when he explained what I did wrong. Woe befell all other people I played after that, lmao!

But I had Lolyeung’s number this event, I beat him the 2 times I drew him this event, breaking massive winstreaks each time. Yes! Not entirely owned by the BortPack this event! It’s entirely the luck of the draw this event, once everyone had their Heliot. If you drew sword, you had over 90% chance of winning. If you drew shield, you only won if you were playing a total idiot. There aren’t many of those at the top of the leaderboard, I assure you.

But natyllek, booboo9, cold and even wulfwulf beat me black and blue in PvP. Maybe I can get some of darling ccruz’s time to see what I’m doing wrong. I can’t have a f2p player beating me, can I? :P

I drew RedSonia from LoDwut a few times. :) I haven’t played against mi corazon in a while. The first bout annoyed both of us, because it ended in a disconnect where both of us took a loss. So annoying! After that I think I won one, and he won one. All good and fun, lol!

That’s all I remember from the individual bouts. I’m sure there were lots of interesting bouts, but I wasn’t paying all that much attention to who my opponents were with this time around. I was only concentrating on not getting my ass kicked by my opponent’s Heliot!

It was a bit of a struggle for me on Saturday. That’s when I finally took interest in the event. I had dropped into the 200’s, I think. But I did manage to get back to at least 43. I know that one for sure, lol, because I took a screenshot of it to tease Beezlebub with. I was on top, just like I like it. ;)

Sad to say, I dropped to the 60’s the next day and pretty much stayed there. I did have a screenshot on Monday, of when Beezlebub passed me, where he was #60 and I was under him. heh heh!

But by the end of the day Monday, I knew I wasn’t going to make it back to top 50. So I amused myself by trying for position 69. hahaha! That was kind of fun. ;)

Ah, here I found my last screenshots of the leaderboards. Looks like Strawdragons had 3 in the top 5, 1 went to Bort, and 1 went to LoDwut. But the impressive showing belongs to HotSam in the top 10. Go girl! Show them who’s boss! :)

So, well done everyone! Hopefully, we’ll have a better Arena to compete in next PvP!

Citadel Gate - Event Wrap -- 26 August 2015Edit

I thought very seriously about not writing this wrap. It would only be a litany of what I didn’t like about the event. I don’t mean the game mechanics, there are new threads galore on that, and many excellent suggestions in them. I doubt I could add anything to what’s already been said. I’m pessimistic from that perspective as well, however, considering what the hotfix actually consisted of, and what we hoped it would fix. Then I thought, well, I’ll just type it out, and then see if I can put a positive spin on it. We’ll see how well it turns out.

At the top of the solo leaderboard is GSoldier of Strawdragons, followed by Quinton of Team Hectic. I’m proudly claiming 3rd place and I’ll tell you why later. bgl1988 of Sanguis pushed Dracula of lolwut down to take 4th, and Kolossus of White Dragon Guild completed the job of pushing any lolwut members out of the top 5 by taking fifth. That’s all the solo leaderboard I had time to screenshot in this event.

No matter, because it’s the guild leaderboard that was interesting anyway. On the last day alone, there were more position changes than in the last 2-3 events put together. I guess it was exhilarating. It seemed so to the other leaders that I was talking to.

My first set of screenshots had White Dragon, Strawdragons, Strawhatz, Bort, lolwut, Free Pact, LoD, Sanguis, Last Stand, and Maison Mizy in the top 10. That was around 8:30 in the morning

At around 10:18, Strawdragons was at the top, followed by Strawhatz, Bort, lolwut, Free Pact, White Dragon, LoD, Sanguis, Last Stand, HongkongPro.

By midnight, Bort had taken over first place, followed by Strawhatz, White Dragon, Strawdragons, HongKongPro, Free Pact, lolwut, Maison Mizy, RebelsUnited, Team Courage

My last screenshots showed Bort at the top, then Strawhatz, White Dragon, Maison Mizy, HongKongPro, Team lolwut, Freepact, RebelsUnited, Strawdragons, and Last Stand.

But I know Maison Mizy dropped to 5th at the very last minute, and lolwut took 4th, so I’m not entirely sure of anything but the final top 5, which are Bort, Strawhats, White Dragon, lolwut, and Maison Mizy.

I was already disappointed prior to the event due to the LoDwut alliance that was formed, and the alliance that had to be formed in response to it in order to survive. Alliances are not part of the game proper, meaning, there was nothing designed in the game app for it. Therefore, it came up as a strategy to push a guild’s (or several guilds’) agenda forward. I don’t know for certain what the full agenda was, but I imagine it included toppling Strawdragons from the top spot, and trying, yet again, to embarrass them. That seems to be the fixation of the century for some of the guilds.

I’m most disappointed in the direction that the game went, once certain unintended special “features” were found. Mustn’t call them exploits, or LoDwut will get mad at you. Do be careful, or you might get targeted. It’s what they do, and are very good at it. Special “features” are fine to use, you see, but exploits are not on their approved list. Some of the most brilliant game strategy minds are in lolwut and LoD. I’m always amazed at how quickly they grasp when there is a special “feature” in the game, and how to use it strategically to their guild’s or alliance’s advantage. Me, I’m just a girl, I just watch what they’re doing and follow suit in order to survive. Sometimes, I don’t even notice, and am embarrassed when I do find out. Like the rune bombing thing. How obvious to farm runes from public guilds! And yet… I was oblivious.

But anyway, back to my experience for this event.

So Edd approaches me about Maison joining the LoDwut alliance. I was so touched that he was thinking about me. I was first on his list, he said. I felt so very special. Perhaps they were concerned about me, I don’t know, but, gotta say, I sincerely doubt it now. I couldn’t agree immediately. I had promised my guilds that we would wait 24 hours and decide then. Plus, the other guilds had agreed to evaluate the game and then decide if an alliance was necessary, and I had to discuss it with them first.

Eight hours later, when I approached him for a clarification, Edd tells me that lolwut, Team Hectic, Free Pact, Last Stand, Team Courage and Skyline had already joined them, in addition to LoD Lite. Wow, they work fast. But I was incensed. Because Team Hectic, Free Pact, Last Stand and Team Courage were in the group of guilds that had discussed the possibility of an alliance. They were quick to jump ship. Give your word to one group, turn your back on it and join another. Niiiice! It was a far different ballgame than I had envisioned. Silly me.

Of course I confront them with it in the next chat when we’re discussing the alliance. And to a man, they claimed they didn’t know what was going on, they were invited to the alliance chat and were just listening. I call HKPants on it. I asked him if Free Pact was still going to join our alliance. He said yes. I then asked for a screenshot of him leaving the LoDwut alliance chat. It took a minute but I got the screenshot.

I was shocked when I got a screenshot from an Anonymous, showing HKpants asking for a reinvite once he had the screenshot for me. Silly me. You know something? I don’t really care whose alliance you’re in. Just man up and own your decision.

At this point it was clear that we would definitely have to form a separate alliance, and create a different chat. Because, it’s apparently okay to lie if it’s related to a game. Lesson learned. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. That’s the problem with subterfuge, see, you’ll not be trusted again.

So the Alliance was formed. That’s my name for it. We refer to Edd’s alliance as the Axis of Evil, Axis for short. So it seemed apropos for me to call ourselves the Alliance of Guilds, kind of like the Allied Forces. A WWII pun.

Axis had lolwut, LoD, LoD lite, Last Stand, Team Hectic, Free Pact.

The Alliance had Maison and Casa Mizy, Bort, White Dragon Guild, White Drakes, White Wyrms, Bort, Bort Bros, Starved, Starving, Strawhatz, Jolly Roger, Rebels United, United States, Blood League, and Strawdragons. We invited Strawdragons, we needed a target, and they’re the biggest one around. One that lolwut and LoD always have a hard-on for. And as long as neither lolwut or LoD made the top 2, Strawdragons were in.

Something had happened behind the scenes, that likely no one knows about. Maison and Casa were under heavy fire. I didn’t entirely understand the name of the game at that point, I thought I would try to protect Maison and Casa, I decided to see if I could negotiate several non-aggression agreements. We were already allied with Bort. I approached Collodi and Thor, and they agreed. The more cynical of you will think it’s because they were already under heavy fire. Perhaps so, but it mattered to me that they took their friendship with me into consideration.

I then approached ¢hrome, expecting a similar treatment. He tells me it’s the luck of the draw. I asked him to get them to click next. But no, it would have to be part of an alliance. It’s a war game. I was hurt, no two ways about it. He then offered to take it to the council to see what they say. I was done with the conversation at this point. I apologized for bringing it up and told him not to bother.

Yes, I began to push the Alliance forward at that point. If it was going to take an Alliance, then I would spearhead one. I put Maison and Casa first in the list, not because I thought of the idea, but because I had enough of feeling like the rope in a tug-of-war, and I was going to make sure I was heard. I want people to remember not to upset Mizy.

I got some other screenshots later from an Anonymous source another day. I don’t know if it’s the same Anonymous or not, I get a lot of those, when someone is irate about something or other and they want me to look into it. After all, my line id is all over the forum.

Jatt of Team Courage had pulled himself out for ethical reasons, and therefore Team Courage was booted out. Bravo, Jatt and Team Courage, for standing by your convictions. But being neutral had it’s own problems, didn’t it?

It’s very true what they say, “Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves”. It took me a long time to get over the hurt. But I do want to address a few of the comments in the screenshots.

“She’s getting a little too upset over a game” - Entus Well, yes, I was. Because I didn’t realize this game included lying and stabbing people in the back. I thought it was about attacking a tactician’s map and just earning points for both individual and guild. I didn’t know it was about all out mass attacks on targeted guilds. Silly me.

“At the end of the event if anyone continues to hold a grudge, then they weren't worth being friends with anyway.” - Worpex I think I’m very lucky that I wasn’t your friend before the game in the first place, Worpex. I agree with one thing, you’re not worth being friends with. If there’s one thing I’d like the rest of the players to know, it’s that the word of you and your guild cannot be trusted. Poor Sparkles and lilrizal. What would great-grandfather think?

“fire at will” - Edd, GMaster I was very amused to see “fire at will” in one of the screenshots. “Fire at Will” has a whole different meaning at Maison and Casa Mizy. Who’s Will, you say? Oh, just Will at lolwut. It’s not something I’m likely to forget or forgive, losing my Galbraith to rune bombing. It’s the only good thing about this event, no runes. So I when I saw Dracula hanging out in the top 5, I thought it likely it was his turn to get the top 5 reward. I made damn sure he had to work really hard to stay in the top 5. And at the end, other people helped me push him out of the top 5.

You have to watch out for these lolwuts. Like I said, they’re brilliant at using special “features”. At one point, one of them had 1000 runes in his account. Cookie told me so, in line pm. Yep, that’s quite game changing.

“Last Stand will stage an attack on Mizy in 20 mins.” - Calwong, in Axis chat “I’m in the middle of staging a revenge, Last Stand don’t want enemy, so attack aborted” - Calwong, in pm to me. Hmmm. Now I know all I need to know about Last Stand.

“Mizy is so far behind, not worth a thought” - HKpants “Alrighty then” - Medal Ah! The sweet, sweet taste of victory! The sweet, sweet taste of vindication! Guess who’s #3? Mizy, up from about 331 when I first saw this screenshot ad started the climb up the leaderboard. Guess where HKpants and Medal are? Not even top 30. Sad to say, I discovered Quinton was Team Hectic too late. Or I would have tried to do something about it. Guess where Maison Mizy ended up? #5 Guess where Free Pact and Team Hectic ended up? #7 and #15 respectively.

EDIT: Removed an incorrect comment about Free Pact's guild position on the leaderboard.

Perhaps it’s the vantage point from my 51 years, but you never count your chickens before they’re hatched. This was from Saturday. There’s a lot of event left. Case in point, there were volatile changes in the last hour of the event. A lot can happen between Saturday and Tuesday. I have time, and I have money. And I have dogged determination when me and mine have been insulted.

First thing Saturday morning, I wake up to pms from Edd, confronting me about smurf guilds attacking his allies, congratulating me on them. Wait. What? I didn’t even know what they were. It’s classic Edd Wheeldon. Swing first, and not even worry about asking questions later. He claims he has proof, and tells me that DeNA can track IP addresses. I told him to show me the proof. Show me the money, baby! Ah… Still no IP addresses. Turns out, DeNA doesn’t trace the IP addresses, even though they can find out who the person is in those smurf guilds. His congratulations indicated to me that he was already certain I was behind it. He only laughed at me when I asked for clarifications.

EDIT: Rephrased the hateful part

I'm sure Edd intended it all as a joke. But I the first thing saw after I posted that he's "like a broken record" was "Ban Miz" followed by "Cldn't ban u miz, where wld all those 1 sided articles go. Lol who cld we poke fun at". Then when I posted the link to this article in that chat, I got "Oh, no more trashy reads, lol"

"That's a joke, Miz" doesn't make it less hurtful. If he thought my articles were one sided, I would write one sided articles to show him the difference. Do I think he'll go around banning people for no reason? No. I really don't. Which is why I will be posting an apology. Mature or otherwise, I was hurt, and I wanted to hurt him back, deeper than he hurt me.

Regardless, this is my last event wrap here. My apology will be my last post on this forum. If I find this game fun again, I may post event wraps on the wiki, with many thanks to Crazywulf.

Enjoy the game.

Bridge to Nowhere Event Wrap -- 19 August 2015Edit

There was a lot of jockeying for position on the guild leaderboard, including first and second place. At first, I was only paying attention to 3rd through about 10th place but the photo finish at the end was quite dramatic. I liked what pipis said about it, “they had a plan and Swiss watch precision”. Very well done.

I was paying much closer attention to Strawhatz and Last Stand though, they pushed past Maison Mizy but what are you going to do? :-) They put on a serious burst of points overnight on Saturday and Maison was pushed all the way down to 9th. It was a huge battle for us on Sunday and we managed to claw back to 7th, but got pushed back down to 9th again by Free Pact and Team Courage. Just a few places shy of the 5th place finish I was hoping for, but still quite satisfactory. We’ll get there, eventually. Just you wait. ;-)

If you’ve read any of my previous wraps, you'll know that I try to include some bits of information about 1 or 2 people in each guild. These individuals have usually been in the Top 100 for that event. Today, you may see one or two that aren’t in this event’s Top 100, but I included them anyway, for various reasons.

lolWUT is at the top of the leaderboard by that previously mentioned exciting last minute finish. Led by TheBeast in 2nd place of the solo leaderboard, the contingent of lolWUTs include Omniprime, MtheW, HotSam, freakdiez, druchii, JuneJunio, Hsutom, Datsun, Dracula, igor, Scar, Kalypsos, Kevin, Bagginz, redcheese, NightHawk, rowdy, Nuetron, sakir, prOxyQQ, supercid, Niels.

I spoke to Chillz an event or so ago, redcheese and Dracula more recently. Chillz is an electrical engineer from the Southern California area. Oh, beautiful, sunny SoCal. I do miss it. :-( It’s quite amusing really, how he started playing bb1. When he was in business school they had a class abroad, in Japan. One of the companies they visited was DeNA, and they got to meet the founder Ms. Tomoko Namba. And as part of the company’s business overview, they showed bb1, which is one of their products. Chillz said he could see all his classmates being all serious and curious about the DeNA business model, but all he was doing was thinking about the game, lol! He downloaded the game sometime during that time abroad, and the rest is history. ;-)

I first noticed the IGN redcheese and wondered which cheese out there was red, hahaha! I asked him when I finally talked to him. Apparently he just likes to use cheese in his IGNs, and he chose red from the red samurai when he started bb1 and it just carried over into bb2. We spent most of the time talking about his family. He has four beautiful children, 2 girls and 2 boys. The youngest boy looks like he’s a pistol, lol!

His wife also plays bb2, IGN HotSam. Apparently, she too likes being on top! I’ll have to talk to her myself one day, but in the meantime, all you guys out there should bow to her and call her Queen HotSam. She manages a household of husband, 4 kids, a bunny and a black lab and still has time to rank top 20. I don’t want to hear any complaints out of any of you about how difficult it is to rank… lmao! So HotSam, what say you and I take #1 and #2 place one day and show these boys who’s boss? Start farming those runes now, and we’ll talk about when we’ll do this.

And of course I had to talk to Dracula. With an IGN like that, how could I resist? He’s based in Maui! Who would have thought of a vampire in sunny Hawai’i? He sent me a picture of a beautiful Maui sunset. Talk about sighing with envy! He sends a picture of the sunset to guild chat whenever he thinks about it. And in the last event when lolwut merged with LoD, Brady from LoD sent a picture of almost the exact same sunset right after Dracula did. lol! Brady happened to be on vacation in Maui. What are the odds? It’s a small world! Anyway, he chose the IGN because he felt it was appropriate to the theme, plus he really likes the new Dracula film. Otherwise, it would have been Dixon Cider. I asked him why Dixon Cider, and he laughed at me and told me to say it out loud. The first part is kind of obvious, lol, but I got stuck on the rest of it. Being guys, I’m sure you’ll all get it immediately so I won’t explain…. lmao!

So the Strawdragons took 2nd place on the guild leaderboard, but Collodi took first place on the the solo leaderboard, followed by GSoldier, Lion, Manuk, darwinong, greybaum, Duke, oscarveli, Derry, qknpzt, j4v4ninja, superpope, ciao, sdv1, Capone, Keldanor, DeVi1s, 0625.

It’s been quite awhile since Collodi’s even been in the top 20. Ezio leaving the game took a lot of the fun out of the competition for him. Those two competed head to head all the time, and were nuts about it, lol. Plus, he had to take the last month off from bb2 due to his crazy work schedule and Gen Con, the number one convention for the gaming community. He owns several gaming companies, with products like Malifaux, Evil Baby Orphanage, and a couple of others that I don’t know the name of. There’s a mobile phone game coming out, maybe October, Collodi says. I’m looking forward to that. :-)

I’ve known Collodi longer than anyone else in the bb2 community. Everyone was welcoming at Strawhats, but I felt then, and still do, that he’s likely the friendliest person in the bb2 community. Before there was an insane level, everyone chatted in the main chat. Once the insane level was added, Zeet created another chat, for those of us who managed to clear the insane level. That smaller group of people are who I know best from the Strawhats-that-was (as opposed to the Strawhatz-that-is). It’s funny to think about it now, because it was way back in the Puppetmaster event (remember Coppelius?), Collodi and I were laughing about it. Just the evening before we had been talking about splitting off from Strawhats, and Puppetmaster was one of the names I had thrown out there. Because Collodi is a character in Malifaux and he’s a puppetmaster. So it was very amusing to have the name in the event the very next day! But that’s how long ago the idea for Strawdragons have been around, since early February, I think, even though it was nameless back then.

It’s kind of a difficult thing to talk about these days, with such strong feelings out there against SD. I think I understand where the conflict arises from, but it seems no one is willing to listen. I’m at a loss to understand it actually, why there’s such a blatant refusal to even listen to possibilities. It started out innocently, just the two of us talking about what we’d do differently from Strawhats, on to which of our bb2 friends we would ask, simply because they were friends. Then when the Insane chat was created, the circle expanded to include them, because they too became friends. It just happened that everyone there were top rankers because of the nature of that particular chatroom. The circle opened up to include some White Dragon top rankers when we cooperated on some event or other. That’s really how Strawdragons was born. To me, nothing really changed from that, because when SD started, it was pretty much the group that we had originally talked about starting the guild with. The whole thing just exploded out of proportion, likely due to poor Luffy’s reaction. But then, I guess I always knew he would have a cow about it, and it turned out I was not wrong.

For me, the best part of doing these event wraps is getting to know different people from different guilds. I get random pm’s about random things at random times. But I think my favorite one so far is the one I got from Manuk on Sunday morning at 1:54 am… “Go to sleep ..... go to sleep... u feel sleepy”. lol! It’s funny because I was thinking a similar thing about everyone in the top 10 of the leaderboard. Why aren’t they asleep yet? I need to get ahead. But poor Manuk was awake because his baby’s teething. He’s quite forgotten what sleep is anymore!

And, hey! I see oscarveli in the top 30! ThorAres must have put the fear of Mjolnir in him, because he never did that well for Maison Mizy.

LoD is in third place with Entus leading the way, followed by Pophigh, Harbinger, pipis, skidmark, PiSCaRGoT, Klzik, Reaper. I haven’t talked about anyone at LoD in a long time. I have very fond memories of my time in LoD, but my heart is too soft and my skin too thin to last in such a strong alpha male guild. I adore them, but I can’t deal with them every single day. Not to mention being distracted by all those gorgeous males all the time, of course! Hey, Gorgeous Pop, good to see you in the top 20 again! *mwah*

Entus had promised me an interview when I first started writing them but I have yet to get anything from him, so I decided this would be the week to pry it out of him. I’m sure everyone’s read an Entus post or two on the forum. How could you not, there are so many… ;-) I can usually follow his line of reasoning, and sometimes even agree with him, but the way he phrases things often exasperates me. If there’s just one way to write something so it antagonizes 90% of the population, that would be the one he uses! It never fails. And yet, I find myself liking him a great deal, but maybe that says more about me than about him.

He’s used Entus as his IGN since he started playing Quake online when he was knee high to a grasshopper. I like using that phrase. He’s in Nashville, TN, and that’s a popular expression in the South. :-) The word Entus is in Latin and has two meanings, to enter or to end. He prefers the latter. It’s pronounced in-toos, not en-tus like I’ve been saying. Nashville is home to quite a few microbreweries, Yazoo is his favorite one, and his favorite beer is Hoegaarden. He does all the cooking at home, which I find really interesting. There are several men like that in bb2, most of whom Ent doesn’t get along with! Maybe they should talk about food instead of bb2. But then, they’ll probably end up arguing about whether to use basil or oregano or marjoram and come to blows over that, I don’t know, lmao!

Another favorite LoD’er of mine is Harbinger. He was one of my group, and he’s a very good player, but until after I posted the last event wrap, I had no idea that he too was from Singapore! What a very small world it is! He lives in Cambridge, England. Went to Cambridge University and stayed to work there, doing research in Bioengineering and Biocomputing for startups. He thinks it’s boring, but I was very impressed. He loves the quiet of Cambridge, and considering the noisiness in Singapore, Oxford or London, I can empathize! It always seems such a cliche, and Harbinger even said as much, but he misses the food back in Singapore. So do I. *sigh* It just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else. He was fooling around the arena one day, with a team of 2*s/3*s - Narun, Grall, Snok Snok,Yakumo and Bort (bl3!). Yes, he got crushed most of the time, but then he met this other guy with a similar squad. And it turned out to be an epic battle, one of the toughest he’s had. But, lol! Who would even think to touch those commanders again? I certainly haven’t given any of those commanders a second look since I got done with Story mode!

The BortPack is next at fourth. I’m very fond of them, lol, I can’t quite figure why. All they do is harass me! Even though Darling Cruz will always top my personal BortPack list, the list in the top 100 are as follows: cold, WulfWulf, aviva, booboo9, Snow, Lolyeung, Hirule, Crazywulf, Manzius.

I had a very interesting chat with Aviva. He’s from Germany, lives in Darmstadt, which isn’t far from Frankfurt. Aviva is a character name that he used in World of Warcraft. He was in a guild that used palindromes for IGNs, and the name of that guild is aibophobia which means fear of palindromes, lol! That’s the kind of humor I love. :-) We got to talking about food, because my thoughts never stray far from food, don’t you know? His favorite dish is rostbraten with onions and spaetzle. I loooooove spaetzle! But I usually get the schnitzel, because, who doesn’t like fried food? Aviva’s quite a well traveled man, he’s been to Chicago, which is where I lived when I first tasted German food, and he’ll be going to Japan shortly. But epic fail, because he couldn’t think of any funny anecdotes that was Bort related, and I found that hard to believe, what with Crazywulf, hirule, RailTracer, lolyeung and poop in Bort, lmao!

Lolyeung is from San Francisco, since he’s not very creative he just combined his last name with a common internet acronym, which, ironically, makes him seem thirty times more immature, haha! He joined Bort because skyli9e dragged him, kicking and screaming into that guild. Then left him there. I miss skyli9e. I don’t have anyone to play with and hijack threads with anymore… *sniffle*

Stung by being kicked out of the top 5 last week, Strawhatz worked very hard to stay there this week. In a massive push over the weekend, they pulled ahead and stayed there. I’m very fond of Buba, he’s a very sweet man. He’s one of only 2 guild leaders who sent me his top 100. I hope he’s still talking to me after he’s done reading this event wrap, because I know he has very strong feelings about how Strawdragons was formed. Representing Strawhatz in the top 100 are Maldor, Edward, saru, MadPants, goki, Rogdril.

I finally caught up with Edward to get some info from him. He’s from Taiwan, and has always been a video game addict, playing games like Warcraft, Starcraft (one and two), Everquest2, FF10, WoW, Diablo 123, etc. While most of his gamer friends have moved away from gaming, he still plays for the relaxation. He has new born twin girls! He says a combination of scotch and bb2 relaxes him, lol. Ballintine 17 yrs and Glenmorangie Lasanta are his favorite scotches. He’s originally from Kaohsiung but now lives in Taipei City.

Last Stand has Polomski, Crazy, brian, Exile, Calwong, Woods617, Titans, Taryn, Azure in the top 100. They have managed to recruit several excellent players in the last little while. I spoke to a number of them, but I’ll only talk about two for today.

Exile was far too busy during the Galbraith event to talk to the likes of me. ;-) He’s come out of exile to talk to me now though. He’s out of Houston, TX, and get this! He works for NASA! I’m so impressed! BB2 is his first cellphone game, but he’s played WoW, Star Wars (MMORPG), CoD, Lineage 2 and Tera in the past. Exile was the IGN he chose when he started playing Lineage 2 and he’s stuck with that ever since. He interviewed with a number of guilds but credits joining Last Stand to Cal Wong. Apparently, Cal made him feel very welcome when he was interviewed.

This is the first time I’ve noticed Titans in the top 100. I was greatly interested to find out that he’s a sushi chef out in the LA area. Did you know they have to taste all the fish before they serve it? If they get sick they don’t serve it. :-O Surely there’s a better way to determine that? So, of course I had to ask for a funny customer story! How could I possibly not? One time he made a live amaebi nigiri (live sweet shrimp) and served it directly on to the customer’s plate, and when they started to eat it, the shrimp jumped from the plate… lmao!! Can you imagine the look on the customer’s face?

Free Pact was represented by lilrizal, Sparkles, saintgoku, insane1. No HKpants in the top 100 this week. Still diving in Hong Kong, I reckon! ;-) Thanks to insane1 (JohnKIV on the forum) for sending me a pm with this info. HKpants helped as well, via BB2 leader chat.

lilrizal started out at Casa Mizy because Free Pact where his brother Sparkles belongs didn’t have room for him at the time. So I guess Casa was a stepping stone of sorts for him, because as soon as a place opened up at Free Pact, Sparkles didn’t lose any time trying to get lilrizal into Free Pact. Poor lilrizal was torn up, deciding between Free Pact and Casa Mizy, he was very sweet about it. But, as I told him, one has to follow one’s heart. He’s doing very well for Free Pact, I’m happy to say. He’s lilrizalboy in LINE and lilrizal in game, because the ‘boy’ part didn’t fit in the IGN. Rizal is short for Jose Rizal who is the national hero of the Philippines, who is his great grandfather. He got into bb2 because Sparkles doesn’t like Clash of Clans, and bb2 is one game they can both relate to. Brings back the days when they used to play a lot of games together. It must be a great deal of fun for the brothers, and I find that very sweet. :-) Sparkles, you take care of my boy, or I’m coming after you!

Team Courage had Jillybean, PyrdacorX, Jayyare, avandalba in the top 100 of the leaderboard. Farlei was first with his screenshots of his guild’s top 100 players, beating Buba out by about 30 minutes. :-)

I spoke to Jillybean of Team Courage for a few minutes. He is from Japan, but now has a business in Malaysia. I have to say that I thought Jillybean was a woman, after all, it’s rather female sounding. But no, I was mistaken. He’s used Jillybean as his IGN for a long while now, but it comes from Billy Jean, because Michael Jackson was a favorite of his. He referred to himself as a ronin because he was guildless before he joined Team Courage. I found that very interesting, but I suppose that’s a cultural reference. His company provides artwork for game developers in Japan, China and Taiwan, and DeNA Japan is one of his clients, so he feels compelled to support mobile games.

Maison Mizy did really well this week, we managed to stay within the top 10 even though we got shoved around a bit. In addition to myself, Eric also made the top 100. I’m also going to introduce Fogline to you, even though he slipped from the top 100 in the last day or so.

Eric lives in the land of 10,000 lakes, and is a Minnesota Twins fan, much to his self-professed dismay. Apparently the Twins have been doing horribly since the All Star break. I can empathize, there have been many a year when the All Star break has made things worse for a team rather than better from a week of rest! He’s been playing since the very first event, but hasn’t joined a guild until now. We’re very honored to have him in Maison Mizy!

Fogline, or Senor Foggy, as some of us affectionately refer to him, has been with Maison Mizy from within a day or so of when I first created it. He brought his band of friends over and it’s been a party at the Maison ever since. He’s one of my leaders, and I can’t imagine managing Maison without him. He evaluates the pact and reward commanders in upcoming events so i know which to splurge on and which to avoid. And writes the strategy guides for the two guilds.

Fogline is a name he’s been using since 2002 or so. It was a CB handle given to him back when he was driving a truck to put himself through school. In the summer, there were usually a lot tourist drivers that tow a boat or a car behind them, and they often cross into the other lane. So he hugged the while line on the right side of the road, and sometimes crossing onto the shoulder, so that he wouldn’t get into an accident. He got pulled over by a cop one day, and despite his explanation, he still got a ticket. He fought the ticket in court and lost there too. Yes, you guessed it, from then on, he was named after that white line. Fogline. lol! But did you even know that there’s a name for that white line? I certainly didn’t!

Sanguis placed tenth on the guild leaderboard. For much of the event, cyhhjj was in the top 100 but I don’t see him in my final screenshots. I spoke to cyhhjj of Sanguis because his IGN has always amused me. I have always wanted to ask him directly whether or not he needed to buy a vowel. He lives in Ohio, close to Cincinnati if not in it, I’m reckoning, since he roots for the Bengals and the Reds. And definitely an OSU football fan. He installed bb2 to get game currency for another game and ended up liking it a great deal. He played Defenders of Texel, and is also currently playing Elder Scrolls online. And he’s funny too. I asked him if he wanted to buy a vowel, and he said… How many sigils? lol!

I’ve saved the best for last. Me, of course. Medal got the ball rolling this week, with that interview of me, but I wanted to elaborate on a few things that have come up in my conversations with various people. I am 51 years old. That makes me exactly 3 times older than Medal, lol, and it made me feel very, very old when I talked to him. I’m old enough to be his grandmother. *sigh*

In the picture below, I am in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris. My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary there 6 years ago. It’s my favorite picture of myself, don’t you think that spiky red hair looks like 5* Delphine’s? I do! I was greatly amused by it. :-) So 6 years later, I’ve toned the color down since I’ve reached this advanced age, and it’s purple now. hahaha! Given my obvious obsession with food, I am not what you’d call svelte, but I’m comfortable with who I am. I’ve never owned a cat, so I’m not sure where that rumor of my being a cat lady came from. I’m a dog person, but given the travel schedule I had when our last dog passed on, we decided not to get another.

Ever since I registered for the forum in January, I’ve done my best to remain neutral through the drama. It would go through cycles, and after each cycle calms down, I’d hope that it would be the last of it, then the next cycle disappoints me all over again. The last piece of drama just made me unutterably weary. I have had enough. I propose a truce.

Now, I have been delighted to see some overtures and concessions. In the past, I was deflated when they were roundly rejected. But I’m greatly encouraged by the banter on the forum this morning, perhaps there’s hope for us yet.

Here’s the thing, what we think is one thing, how we convey it is quite another. That is, or should be anyway, a conscious and deliberate choice of words that convey the meaning of your thoughts without antagonism. Keldanor (Kietsensei on the forum) always comes to mind where this is concerned, his posts are invariably polite, and he’s the epitome of pure sportsmanship. We would do very well to emulate him. Because, if there’s something I’ve learned over the decades, it’s that there are as many sides to a situation as there are people involved with that situation. I have found that we, as individuals, are usually unable to listen carefully enough, or be willing enough to accept that another person has a viewpoint that may be equally as valid as ours. And we are quick to defend one of our own, often without much thought or regard to the fact that it may worsen the situation. Many of the problems that have occurred are a direct result of all this.

That’s not to say we need to be all happy, happy, joy, joy, and that there be no competition or trash talking. I know you boys won’t be able to survive without a release of testosterone. I’m only asking that you choose not to deliberately denigrate or antagonize. I’m asking that you choose your words carefully, and refrain from name calling, polite or otherwise.

There are none of us completely blameless in all of this. But what’s done is done, and what’s more, it cannot be undone. To me, it’s very straightforward. All we can do is move forward. How we do so is completely up to us. We can behave like adults, and put the past aside and move forward with a clean slate. Or we can continue to hash the same old grievances over and over again and get absolutely nowhere.

I think it’s time to check the egos at the door, and tone down the tribal defenses. So I’m throwing down a challenge to all of you. Let’s move forward with open minds and a willingness to listen and to accept. Let’s make this a Bridge to Somewhere, shall we? Who’s with me?

A Ring of Blood -- 12 August 2015Edit

Oh. My. God. Welcome to the latest episode of Men Behaving Badly.

There seems to be a Ring of Blood around the forum. Blood drawn in battle from the members of Strawdragons, Legion of Doom and lolWUT, upon which foul incantations have been made and can apparently no longer be erased. The game has become the tool by which the size of their dicks are measured. Since I don’t have one, I’ve never learned how to fight the same way, so after one incident, I’m taking cover, and just trying to stay out of the line of fire. I will say it has taken most of the fun out of the game for me. Oh well.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to participate much in this particular event, even though PvP is my absolute favorite event. It’s the 50th Anniversary of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia and as such quite a big deal for us. Those who live in Singapore got a four day weekend out of it. Those of us who live here in New York, only got to go to the Singapore Consulate for dinner and a goodie bag. It was quite fun, even for me, though I dread these mixers. The food was good, and they had my favorite dessert, which likely doesn’t interest anyone else here, but it’s called ondeh ondeh. :-)

A number of my guild members also had real life commitments, we were thus unable to make as good a showing as I think we would have otherwise. At least, I like to think so. :-) We’ll see in the next event, since we’ll be going all out. And since this is a guild only event, I won’t have to wade through lists of names and say something about a few members from each guild. Except for this… redcheese, it’s good to see you back in the top 100.

And so it’s official. It’s Team Lolwut, Strawdragons and L O D at the top of the guild standings, with Lolwut and LoD joining forces in what I’m told is a one time merger.

I was also all set to title this “Hirule Rules!” because that’s what my screenshots say but luckily I saw his post in the forum and verified with him that he was indeed toppled from the top spot. I’m so sorry, Hirule. But you still rule in the Arena against me… lol! You can call the BortPack off me now… Pretty please?

Prior to this event, there was a BB2 leaders chat, largely comprised of owners and leaders from these top 3 teams. A few other owners and leaders were added but they mostly remained quiet. There was often great information to be had at that leader chat, and discussion on upcoming events and the like. I left a day or so ago, as it had exploded with conversation similar in style as currently in the forum. I’m given to understand that a number of leaders have also left. I won’t be going back either.

A second BB2 leaders chat (called BB2 leaders group 2, really original, lolyeung...) was created a few days ago, as a supplementary group comprising of owners and leaders from the rest of the top 15 leaderboard. I think it’s pretty much maxed out now. It was created to foster communication between the guilds. The initial chats were very interesting, I found out a lot about the other owners and leaders. I also discovered that it was possible for owners and leaders of competing guilds to have civil yet interesting discussions. It’s been a very pleasant change and has restored my faith in men. I’ll likely catch flak for that last remark, but I’m a big girl, I can take it, lol!

Congratulations to Last Stand for pulling out 4th place towards the end of the event! When I spoke to him, however, Gazzu, the owner, was disappointed in this event. He felt that many of the usually lower ranked guilds were ranking higher than usual because half the top players didn’t care and weren’t competing. And, all one needs to do is to play in blood league 1 to compete. I guess all that changed for Last Stand in the last hours of the event. Oh, and Gazzu, I know you were upset because I didn’t mention you as a favorite last time, but you are. Just not last event…

And my beloved BortPack suffered from the loss of several of their members. Nonetheless, they had an excellent showing in 5th place. They’re still the top 5 guild that they keep trying to entice me away with. I’m quite sure a full half of their points came from the BortPack beating me up in the Arena, lol! Lolyeung is the moderator for the BB2 Leaders group 2. Loly, as he’s often called, also owns me in Arena. There’s just something about the BortPack that makes me keep losing, it’s so annoying!

Strawhatz was doing very well for themselves in grabbing the #3 spot early on. It looked like the one-time merger of the best of lolWUT and LoD was going to be the most advantageous to Strawhatz. But despite the hard push by the crew of the Thousand Sunny, they lost their grip on 3rd place and slid to 6th. Best of luck for next time.

I had the most fun talking to hispp from RebelsUnited, he’s a sweetheart! Apparently, Shannon from United States guild approached hispp for a merger. And since they were a top 15 guild prior to the merger, their initial goal was to be top 10, so making 7th place would be a roaring success in anyone’s book! I know hispp and his leaders hope to eventually place in the top 5 guilds consistently, I wish you all the best of luck! Anyway, the name RebelsUnited stems from the fact that they’d rebelled against their old guilds and formed this one because of the inactivity in the previous guilds. So their new motto is “We shall unite to rebel against inactivity”. I love it. :-)

Samson, owner of Hong Kong Pro is justifiably proud that his guild made it into the top 10 in 8th place. They are the active members who broke away from Hong Kong guild to strike out on their own. Quite a success! Congratulations!

Free Pact made it to 9th place. HKpants took credit for it, claiming he had to wake his guild’s asses up to make sure they stayed within the top 10. Is that true, Worpex? I was actually thinking the Free Pact was doing really well without him since HKpants has been spending his time diving instead of playing, and Free Pact might not need him anymore… bwahahahaha!

Sanguis grabbed 10th place. Congratulations! Seriously, I’d love to chat more with people from Sanguis. Will you pm me at LINE id mizvirago? I can’t be bombarding poor Nars all the time. Well, I can, but someone rescue the poor man! :-)

White Dragon Guild clung on to 11th place. I haven’t spoken much to Seth about WDG’s showing in this event, but I’m happy they’re up from where they were in the leaderboard several weeks ago. When we chatted yesterday we were mostly talking about how I enjoyed Mrs Seth’s comments about where Entus could wear his two crowns, because, you know, men do have two heads... She’s a very funny lady, Mrs. Seth, and I adore her. She definitely livens up Maison Mizy chat.

I adore Jatt and Farlei of Team Courage. :-) I just do. They’re such a pleasure and delight to talk to. I think they will make great candidates for forum mods. I think anyone who has seen Farlei recruit tirelessly will agree with me. And Jatt has a smooth easy style that should work really well for him in that role. That plus the South Australian Barossa he keeps dangling in front of us!

Gut from Blood League felt that the bar was set too high for this event, and it might have discouraged participation. He had a difficult time motivating his members since there were no solo rewards. He set his expectations for the guild and re-evaluated midway through the event. His guild was glad when he called a no-push for the 20 million EP. He doesn’t use rankings to measure his members. He uses communication and effort in pushing their limits instead. I like the concept. I’ll have to consider it in some detail and discuss it with my leaders to see if it’ll work for us.

WhiteKnight of Bloodline was a little reluctant to talk to me. He’s really not very pleased with Maison Mizy, since a number of members split away from Bloodline to come to Maison Mizy when I first started it. I was so grateful to have members join Maison Mizy that it was several days before I even thought to ask where they came from. Even now, I rarely bother to ask which guild they came from. I know I don’t bother asking where they’re going when they leave. I’ve heard other owners say that they don’t want to keep people who don’t want to be there, and I agree. Anyway, he says that there were no related adverse reactions to the high EP required for some of the rewards in his guild. Everyone still did what they could to achieve the highest possible rank.

And Maison Mizy’s response to all the discussion about exploits and cheats and stuff? Discuss the menu for the day. Yep. Food makes everything better. Seth and Mrs. Seth own a restaurant, and they have the most delicious looking dishes. There was a jumbo shrimp with tomatoes, and a pasta dish, and a massive pizza. Then someone posted a baklava. Then a rainbow ice cream. And what looked like a cheesecake of some sort. Warfrost posted a picture of some clams with really, really large pseudopods (!?!?). JonBon contributed with what looked like sweet and sour pork. And Ein brought a paella. I was getting really hungry at that point. Then there were the brains with lemon salad. Sorry mjm, but ugh. lol! But, all kidding aside, food does make everything better. Besides, we were celebrating, because we are incredibly proud of Casa Mizy. They’ve risen from the 100s to 40th place!

We also have Team Hectic, Team Exile, Starved and Jolly Roger in the bb2 leader group 2 chat. I know Hirule has items on the agenda for discussion in this chat and I’m looking forward to it.

I had a lot I wanted to say about PvP and forfeits, but I think this is enough of a wall of text for the day so I’ll save it for the next PvP event. That’s if I’m still writing event wraps. The quarrels happening around me during the event has taken a lot of the fun out of it for me. Perhaps bb2 leader group 2 and the fact that both of my guilds are doing well will revive my interest. In any case, I’d like to thank everyone for reading my posts and supporting them. It’s what kept me going.

The Quest for Galbraith -- 05 August 2015Edit

Well, didn’t this turn out to be an interesting event? I’d always scoffed at the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” before, but I’m starting to see how that could be a curse. Men whom I like, admire and respect were acting exactly the same as men whom I don’t. I found that interesting and disturbing, to say the least.

I had several pm’s this morning, asking if I had screenshots with time stamps. Well, the answer to that is “Yes, of course”. But, take your own screenshots, I’m not the screenshot library for the community.

Given the interest in times for runs for a number of individuals, I did take the timestamps I had and set up a spreadsheet. My screenshots are from random times, but none prior to 8/3, as I didn’t realize that there would be quite so much controversy. Regardless, I verified my calculations against my times on the overnight run I did to try to stay in the top 5 and the formula is correct. So yes, I will be referencing these numbers in this wrap.

This is the first gauntlet event I remember that generated quite this high a level of buzz and anticipation, and it was good to see. Everyone perked up at the thought of getting Galbraith, though much of the excitement may have had to do with the fact that there were two evolutionary levels.

I was a little downcast though, because I had just put a moratorium on pact buying. Having Galbraith in the pact did not bode well for me, it would be so difficult to resist! But ¢hrome came to the rescue, sort of. He didn’t think I could do it. He suggested I join a help group People Opting Out Pacts… Hah! Funny acronym but all that just made me stubborn and guess what? I did it! Only Galbraiths I have, I got from the rewards! I am so proud of that, lol! It might backfire though, when I have to go up against a bunch of Galbraiths in the next PvP event.

DarwinOng of Strawdragons placed first in this event. He hails from Medan City on Sumatra island in the Indonesian archipelago. His average time per run from 8/3 through 8/5 was 12.65 minutes, with his fastest average time at 7.12 minutes between 11pm or so on 8/4 through the end of the event on 8/5. He had a little joke for me when I talked to him over the weekend. He said that as bb2 players, we spend money till our pockets are bloody, and that’s why his guild calls their members bloodbrothers. Little did we know that he would soon be bloodied on the forum and in the chats for something that is within the realm of reasonable.

Bishop10 from the Legion of Doom placed second. He’s one of my favorite people, quiet and unassuming, with some serious gaming abilities. Bishop isn’t his name, as I first thought. Yes, I should know better by now, lol. But it’s from an X-men character, Lucas Bishop, that he thought was really cool when he was young and he’s used it ever since. His average time per run from 8/3 through 8/5 was 16.67 minutes, with his fastest average time at 10.06 minutes between 8:22 pm and 11:23 pm on 8/4.

Third place went to Exile from Last Stand. I saw him make a massive run up the leaderboard (no screenshots, so don’t ask), he was quite determined to make it to the top 5. And he wouldn’t talk to me before the end of the event so I don’t know anything about him. His average time per run from 8/3 through 8/5 was 22.40 minutes, with his fastest average time at 13.18 minutes between 8:22 pm and 11:23 pm on 8/4.

Manuk of Strawdragons came in fourth. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that he’s on vacation with his family. He’s an Avionics Technician, active duty in the US Navy for 13 years. He described himself as just another middle-aged dad who doesn’t want to grow up, lol. His average time per run from 8/3 through 8/5 was 24.76 minutes, with his fastest average time at 11.65 minutes between 8:22 pm and 11:23 pm on 8/4.

Fifth place went to Will from lolWUT. He’s a financial advisor from the greater Pittsburgh, PA region. I found him warm and amusing, especially when he said that he didn’t always take his own financial advice and blows more money on bb2 than he should. He’s also an avid tabletop gamer, Dungeons and Dragons, of course! He’s been with lolwut since it was first formed, all the way through the banning of 3 of the founders. He hasn’t been a top player in the past, but he’s got the brig and the souls to compete now, so we’ll be seeing far more of him from now on. As far as I can make out from the explanation, the name lolwut comes from “lol! What?”, which is the battle cry of the forum trollers. They strive to be the outlaw community of trollers, from the forum to the leaderboard. His average time per run from 8/3 through 8/5 was 16.64 minutes, with his fastest average time at 7.47 minutes between 3:02 pm and 5:10 pm on 8/4.

I did a little searching and from other guilds I’ve not covered before, we have goku from Anima, fight from Bahamut Base, visara from Thai Empire, Bossolini and KingTee from Viet Union, fr3nd, revansh and Animag from Russian Team. Plus Xjassimx, valyk, Titans, mikali, ukosan, alastair, See2h5oh, Elydis, Edge, toto6749 whose guilds I couldn’t identify.

From Medal’s Team Hectic, mmmkay made the top 100.

Team Courage had Jillybean, Jayyare, and sclam.

Free Pact had Mojo, Raikiri, Tenchu, Tessali, Yarixan, and Sparkles. HKPants, where are you?

Strawhatz had Maldor, MadPants, Darko, Power5, yo93, and Marshall. Yet another person named after an article of clothing, lol! :O

Many, many thanks to Farlei and Jatt of Team Courage, Worpex of Free Pact and Buba of Strawhatz, they are my favorite guild leaders now. I woke up this morning to see pm’s from them with lists of members in the top 100 from their guilds.

In addition to Exile, Last Stand had Calwong, Crazy, Woods617, Orlando, and Anduin in the top 100. But where’s Taryn?

Bishop was followed by LoD’rs pipis, skidmark, Gundy, saber, Entus, SPAR59x, Reaper, eddwheeld, and Lakade. It’s good to see skidmark and saber.

My beloved BortPack boasted quite a few in the top 100 as well. WulfWulf led off the parade, followed by cold, lucasHood, Erza, booboo9, aviva, RailTrace, Hirule, narsk, Snow, Khomel, natyllek, and McSpankie. For a while, Crazywulf was in the Top 100 but poor omega wulf slowly disappeared from view. And I do miss seeing Sky. Where is he, anyhow?

I love talking to them, and went to a great deal of effort to make sure I could get on wiki chat on my phone. That's so I can chat with them from work. They've blocked the network so I can't chat on the laptop. The very idea! Go visit the wiki, everyone! It's at

Others from lolwut include Chillz, Scar, Hsutom, druchii, supercid, freakdiez, Datsun, hocken, MtheW, Riceninja, sakir, Dracula, JuneJunio, and Juicebox. redcheese, I didn’t see you on my screenshots. Did you squeak in at the last minute, sweetie?

White Dragon Guild had Xenon, Raegarin, DarkMoon, Shadowz, archflame in the top 100, and Strawdragon had MadeInUSA, Duke, sdv1, Ashram, j4v4ninja, Keldanor, DeVi1s, conheo, Lion, ThorAres, superpope, Felix, AceV01, ciao in the top 100 in addition to darwinong and Manuk

I talked to MadeInUSA over the weekend, he was in the running for the top 5 then. I’ll use that in some other wrap or interview. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again.

So I ended up in sixth place. I will say that I quite hate that place on the leaderboard, it’s not the first time, and it always feels like I’m falling disappointingly short, even though, realistically, anything in the top 20 is insanely good. Even when someone gives me the heads up that they’re going to make a run for the the top 5, there never seems to be anything I can do about it. But this particular event was notable though, if only for the fact that I wore out 5 styluses (well, alright, stylii). When I told my husband, he laughed so hard I thought he would fall over. Did you know that you can wear out a stylus? I didn’t. They start out nice and smooth and hard, and when they are worn out, they’re soft and squishy. And I know you won’t believe me, but I’m serious about this, it is NOT innuendo! lol!

I want to thank my wonderful, much-loved guild members, both Maison and Casa. Yes, everyone, but most especially Fog, TimeChild, mejustme, Einblnr, jonbon, Netzdealer, dirtty, dangiskhan, and SirJariel. Without their support, both in resources and in cheering me on, I wouldn't have made as good a run up the leaderboard as I did. You guys are the best!

I quite like being able to use runes. I seem to have better luck in capturing and recruiting the commanders when I use them. I love the Kalasso souls, I really needed atk souls and these will fill the bill quite nicely. But I don’t like that Bonus Guild EP was included in a solo event. I just don’t feel like it belongs in a solo event, and it makes a huge difference if you’re in a guild with a lot of top players vs in a guild where you’re the sole top player.

Regardless, I want to extend my warmest congratulations to all the players. Well done!

The Fae War - a brand new leaderboard -- 29 July 2015Edit

I watched the solo leaderboard with great interest during this event. I knew very few of the names that were on there. So I went into the recruiting threads and started asking for help. I found it amusing because first there was suspicion that I would recruit their members away, then it turned around to me being recruited while I talked to them. And I have to laugh every time I go into wiki chat. That's always the first question, when was I going to join Bort. I think it's all a joke now though, I doubt they're serious anymore.

There was a veritable plethora of Chortles on the leaderboard at the end of this event, but the top solo spot went to Kris, a member of 7th place White Dragon Guild. Yes, *that* White Dragon Guild, the original Dragon guild that everyone thought would dominate the leaderboards before Strawdragons came into being. I’m sure WDG is proud of Kris! After Thor made me swear on a stack of bibles that I wouldn’t recruit Kris, he let me contact Kris for a little insight.

Kris had missed out on Gez and really liked the thought of running Mab with Lindwym. So he decided he would push really hard for it. He had been aiming for t50 the last few events, but in the last event, he got stuck at work on the crucial last day and fell to 56. He was determined not to let that happen again. He did see a lot of people having difficulty with Fae Wedding, but he found a good strategy and ran with it. Of course, he also wanted to do White Dragon Guild proud, and I think he has! I only saw two other White Dragon Guild members, DarkMoon and AioriRei, in the t100.

kencreek made second place, but I don’t know who he is or what guild he’s in. He’s not on the forum, I looked. I really wish there was a way to pm someone in game. :-) No, not for recruiting, just for info for the event wraps.

Lion of 3rd place Strawdragons was in third place himself. He was the highest placer on the smallest contingent of SD in the t100 that I can remember. The others are Duke, j4v4ninja, greybaum, Manuk, Derry, MadeInUSA, sdv1, Alanng, Zeetiger. I guess no one wanted Queen Mab. Poor Mab, not much luck enticing Strawdragons, not even with her bountiful cleavage.

Fourth place went to Niels of 1st place lolWUT. The huge contingent from lolWUT also included JuneJunio in 5th, supercid, Chillz, Kevin, Dracula, storm, druchii, Datsun, hocken, Hsutom, freakdiez, MtheW, Nuetron, rowdy, Dante, Riceninja, scorpy, Juicebox, yupyupyup, Scar, Cookieman, Bagginz, prOxyQQ, sakir.

And redcheese, of course! It's so difficult to get the final leader board standings, some people get left off

I had asked to talk to the four that were at the top at the time, but only JuneJunio responded from that request. Then by a stroke of serendipity, one of my guildies asked me if I would mention his brother in the event wrap since he was doing so well, and it was Kevin, who is in 10th place!

Fifth place JuneJunio is from Bangkok, Thailand, so the timezone isn’t to his advantage, but he still managed to do very well. He just joined lolWUT 2 weeks ago, and placed the highest in lolWUT for the PVP event. But he feels, like many of us, that the weekly events are just a little too long, maybe a day or two. Still, he thinks Mab will be better than Gez so he pushed hard for it. He uses JuneJunio as an IGN because it’s his son’s nickname. Who is absolutely darling in his LINE profile pic.

I saw a picture of Kevin and Titi and they could be twins, despite the year’s difference between them. Kevin has a new daughter, Orianna, who has taken over Tio Titi’s life, but apparently not Papa’s, because Papa still managed to place 10th. Like JuneJunio, he thinks Mab will be better than Gez, but he also wanted, not one, but two Mabs! The 4* and the 5*, hence the push to t20. He’s clearly demonstrated his capacity to grind for an event, and shown that he can place well. He seems to be quite the leader in the Latino community of bb2 players. He’s out of Costa Rica but I’m not certain if the bb2 players that he chats with are all from Costa Rica. Anyway, I’d been trying to get this one member of mine to install Line for ages, with no luck. He’s a good player so I was reluctant to cut him loose. One word from Kevin and Line was installed that day. I love a man with power!

2nd place Bort had cold, Crazywulf, lolyeung, Erza, RailTrace, lucasHood, aviva, WulfWulf, FunGuy, Hirule, Narsk in the t100. cold is mostly p2p and has had a number of strong finishes including #1 once on the Gez daily. He lives in Singapore and joined Bort from the very beginning because there were a number of other Singaporeans in Bort, like Narsk. That kind of makes sense, Singaporeans tend to be fact oriented and where better than Bort?

In my screenshots of the leaderboard, Crazywulf is in 27th and I was in 28th. Despite all my best efforts, I couldn’t climb on top of him. But, ooh, we were touching, so we could play while my he’s-really-really-hot-list are away. heh heh!

Fourth place guild LoD did not have anyone in the top 5, but Fiet, Gundy, pipis, Bishop10, PiSCaRGoT, Pophigh, skidmark, SPAR59x, saber, PSpirit, Entus all made the t100. Earlier in the day, pipis was the top LoD player so I asked him a few questions. He’s from Greece, and quite the brash, opinionated young man. You see him all over the forum, responding to just about everything. I guess he’s learning that from Entus. pipis is the familiar diminuitive for Spyros, his first name. I know a number of languages do that, Russian, Spanish, and I suppose in a sense we do that in English too, like Jimmy for James, but somehow, it seems different. I think there’s a little more intimacy to the diminuitive in those languages. He felt that he only made it that high on the leaderboard because not very many people are interested in Mab. He might be right!

I knew LoD stood for Legion of Doom, but I’d forgotten that it really was named for the Legion of Doom that were the enemies of the Saturday cartoon Superfriends. It made me laugh when ¢hrome told me about it. He’s not entirely sure but he thinks Omen came up with it. Well, it was brilliant and I love it. I guess that means ¢hrome is Lex Luthor and Entus is Brainiac? hahaha! Watch out Arnashia!

The new and improved Strawhatz Guild built by buba001 made it to 5th place. Luffy left them while still keeping Ownership of the guild, so poor buba had to pull up stakes and move everyone over. They’ve done very well for themselves, with Zulgohlan, Maldor, Revyan, aless and Power5 all in the top 100. I like the new stylized Strawhatz name. It still keeps the history of who they are with a the new z at the end that adds a little élan.

Taryn of Last Stand came in 8th, with brian, Crazy, Woods617, and CALWONG all made the top 100. And let me tell you Crazy is CRAZY! After making me swear on that same stack of bibles that I wouldn’t recruit them, Gazzu, the owner, graciously invited all of them into a chat with me. They were lots of fun, but it really started popping when Crazy joined in. It all made sense when he said he was from the West Coast, lol! Cal is from Malaysia, Woods is from Taiwan, and Taryn is from Mississippi. brian was busy grinding, so I didn’t get to meet him. This time. And you know what, they ended up trying to recruit me by telling me how hot they were and what exercise regime they were on. Hah! No dice. Need some years of experience on you before you make my he’s-really-really-hot list.

I left exile off the Last Stand list... I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to put you in exile...

6th place Last Stand has had some good luck in recruiting lately so has made the top 10 in the last few events. The name Last Stand is one that Gazzu has used for his game guilds and clans for many years. For him, it says that they never give up and that that they’d continue to push as hard as they can no matter the obstacle. Looks like he’s found the crew to do it!

HKpants and Mojo represents 8th place Free Pact Guild in the t100. HKpants makes me laugh, every time I see his ign. I just can’t help being amused at someone naming themselves after an article of clothing. It was apparently a fraternity nickname, he only wore jeans and they were all from Hong Kong. He’s from California but happens to be in Hong Kong at the moment. Maybe I should have him go check on Ezio.

Worpex is the owner of Free Pact, and he joined the Free Army Guild back when we had guilds in the forum but not in the game. But when guilds finally came to the game, no one made the move to create the guild there. So Worpex took charge and created Free Pact along the principles that Free Army was run. He didn’t want to use the Free Army name because he wasn’t the original owner of that name. It was funny, when I asked him about the name, he reminisced about it in Free Pact chat, and it turns out 350 was the originator of the Free Army thread. He’d left for a while, and when he came back, he joined Free Pact. I thought it amusing, it went full circle!

Sanguis is the 9th place guild. Sanguis means old blood in Latin, but I think it means more to the owner. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him, but I will. Eventually. :-) Micoxsala and Kalzang from Sanguis made the t100. Thanks to Nars for all the information I get on Sanguis.

10th place guild is Team Courage owned by Jatt, but I talked to farleifilho on the forum. At the time we talked, both Jillybean and titantor were in t100. But by the end, I think it was only jillybean who made a very nice showing in 9th place.

Jatt is the manager at a privately owned health club called Courage Health and Fitness. He started the guild with five guys who are great friends of his, and they train together. They make up the core of 'Team Courage' representing the gym. He used the same name for the guild, and has now evolved into a place where an additional 45 people around the world call home.

So Gazzu tells me that farleifilho and Jatt are 2 different people. Guess that's what happens when I assume...

That’s the top 10 guilds for the Fae War event. I had a great time finding out more about the new faces on the leaderboard and the new guilds in the top 10. I loved having a small glimpse into the other guilds and was delighted to find that the players love being part of their community. I believe they’ve pushed harder for their guild than they would have just for themselves.

So look out for a pm from me, on the forum on in LINE. You may be featured in the next event wrap!

The King of PvP is a Bishop! True Warlord event wrap -- 22 July 2015Edit

It’s official! The King of PvP is a Bishop! Bishop10 of the Legion of Doom has placed #1 in the last 2 PvP events.

It was a most interesting chase for the top individual spot in The True Warlord event. For the early part of the event, courtly Keldanor held the spot and I was cheering him on from the sidelines. Then marauding Manuk began to push his way up and as Keldanor became disillusioned by the grind of PvP and, eventually, the advent of double EP, Manuk took firm hold of the top spot.

It looked like he would stay there for the rest of the event until TheBeasT grabbed it in the middle part of the last day. I want to say it was around 11 am EDT, because that was about when I was talking about it to CrazyWulf, saying I’d love to have TheBeasT at Maison or Casa Mizy, and we were arguing about who had dibs on the asking. So, TheBeasT, if you’re reading this, pm me on LINE, id is mizvirago. Ignore the BortPack. Maison and Casa Mizy has girls and cervesa, it’s far more fun.

But I didn’t count Bishop out because I remember what he did to me in the last event, when I actually thought for a few days that I could be Queen of PvP. And sure enough, around 10 pm the last day of the event, Bishop wrested the top spot from TheBeasT and never let it go. I’d try to recruit him except that might make ¢hrome unhappy, and I don’t want to do that to darling ¢hrome.

Still, the most interesting battle by far was the one for #1 guild. Strawdragons had their usual hold on #1 throughout the event, but the Legion of Doom came up through the leaderboard, passing lolWUT for #2, and made a strong bid for #1 in the last few hours of the event. It first came to my attention around 10 pm EDT, and I kept an even closer watch on it. From a difference of close to 600k points at 7 pm EDT from a screenshot I had taken for larks, they pulled to within 98k of the top spot by the end of the event. Though plagued with network disconnects plus the bad luck of drawing guild members in their matches, they persevered. What a rush it was to watch it! Imagine what it was like for the players! I’m quite sure LoD is proud of their showing in this event and well they should be.

The push on the guild leaderboard wasn’t limited to the top spot. Maison Mizy hung on to #5 for a few days, but first White Dragon (5th), then Last Stand in (6th), and finally, StrawHats (7th) bullied my poor little guild out of the way and we dropped to #8. But I’m ever so proud of the members of Maison Mizy. #8 is still pretty damned good! 8 is a lucky number in Chinese, unlike 4. Who was in 4th? Oh, right, the BortPack! Well, heh heh heh. *rubs hands in glee* More on the BortPack later… And whether or not it was because the prize wasn’t sufficiently interesting wasn’t clear, but lolWUT took the 3rd spot in this event.

In their infinite wisdom, DeNA decided to use the leader position of the Arena squads on the leaderboard next to each player’s name. So I’m unable to determine the guild affiliation of the players using the mascot that so many players have carefully placed as leader in squad 1 of their regular squads. Luckily for me, the guild leaders were kind enough to respond to my request for lists of their top 50, and in some cases the top 100. Any mistakes that might occur are mine, so please feel free to correct me in your comments below. In another fit of wisdom, DeNA coded the individual’s rankings in the Guild screen to update only when the player logs back on, so the event ranking in that screen isn’t reliable for those in other timezones who might have decided to actually get a good night’s sleep instead of staying up to compete in the last hours of this PvP.

Strawdragon had the largest contingent in the top 100, with Manuk, Lion, Ashram, Keldanor, Rashkae, Nazgul, Super, Collodi, Derry, and Darwinong in the top 50, and rounded out by sdv1, j4v4ninja, Qubanbee, gsoldier, greybaum, ThorAres, Jayson, anvo, Zeetiger, Dev1ls, Tzuzor in the top 100. It was nice to see Thor and Zeetiger in the top 100, but I miss seeing my beloved qknpzt in the usual t20. Like Atlas, he carries the world on his strong, broad shoulders and he just has too much to deal with at the moment. Hugs and kisses, sweetheart!

And hey! I beat Collodi in PvP! There was a lot of dancing and celebrating when that happened, lol. Collodi’s a sweetheart and as kind as anyone can possibly be, but what can I say, it’s a thrill to beat a big gun. *snicker* Especially after he won the PvP tournament in Vegas. There were no Violets in his PvP brig that I recall, so that might have been the difference. Thanks to ¢hrome for explaining how to use Diem though, or I don’t think I could have won.

No guild leader that I’ve spoken to has laid claim on TheBeasT, so I hope he’ll come to Maison or Casa Mizy. Oh, I guess I’ve said that already, lol. Never mind, it bears repeating, heh heh! After being thoroughly thrashed by TheBeasT, I duplicated his brig, and had a great deal of success with it. I wasn’t too thrilled when I drew him in another bout later on, but I was curious to see how that would go. Well, clearly I couldn’t duplicate his strategy, because I got severely trounced again. lmao! It just goes to show you, it isn’t the commander you have, it’s how you use it…

The Legion of Doom did very well, as I mentioned earlier. Bishop10, Beezlebub, Brady, PisCaRGoT, Entus, SPAR59x, pipis, Klzik, Gundy, Reaper, mrdejong, eddwheeld, skidmark, vqp89472, RedSonia, Pophigh graced the top 100 and one. Gorgeous Pop was edged out at the very last minute, but I couldn’t possibly do an event wrap without a mention of him. Stickers from him during the day always puts me in a good mood.

And hey! It’s good to see mi corazon RedSonia in the top 100! I was also excited to see eddwheeld at #17 earlier in the day, but the dratted timezone difference meant that he wasn’t playing at the end of the event and slipped to the 50s. I’m sorry, darling!

It seemed like I was chasing PisCaRGoT for most of the event. And I was excited when I drew him for a bout, because I wanted to see how well my new and improved plagiarized-from-TheBeasT brig would do against him. But no, I got a network disconnect instead. Those are a royal pain! I hope he at least got a win out of it, because I sure didn’t. And lost an energy too, darn it!

The competition for the top spot seems to have put the devilishly sexy Beezlebub, aka ¢hrome, in a really good mood. And ¢hrome in a good mood is very, very sexy, and I enjoy that very, very much. Yep. I drew him in a bout sometime during the day and he spanked me, as usual. Someday, I’ll turn the tables on him. Won’t that be a surprise!

lolWUT had Junejunio, Hsutom, Niels, freakdiez, Cookie, Dracula, Datsun, Igor, redcheese, druchi, storm, hocken, Juicebox, Zulu, and Nighthawk in the top 100. It was Nighthawk who edged Pop out of the top 100 at the very last minute. I’ve got my eyes on you, buddy… I remember you trouncing me also, so double eyes on you buddy! And, of course I got my usual trouncing from freak. I’ve also added Dracula, druchii, and Zulu to my just-you-wait list that I started when I started losing to freak. Well, maybe not druchii. He was at least nice enough to send me a ‘good game’. I don’t remember the outcome when I played redcheese. Did I win, sweetie? I must have won a few bouts against someone at some point, right?

The BortPack boasted Hirule, booboo9, Crazywulf, Skyli9e, lolyeung, wulfwulf, cold, bloogon, Croatoan, Erza, lucasHood, aviva on the top 100. Hirule, jareif and Crazywulf are the co-founders of the BortPack. While jareif holds everything steady behind the scenes, Hirule puts the BortPack on the map with his showing at the top of the leaderboard, so I guess that makes Crazywulf... the omega wulf? hahaha! The guild name is officially Bort, Band of Renowned Tacticians, but I call them the BortPack, because they travel around in a pack, like wulfs. Hirule, Crazywulf, Skyli9e, Erza and aviva are all on my just-you-wait list, but particularly because I seem to always have to fight them one after another. Do you big, strong guys really have to gang up to pick on a poor, defenceless girl like me? Skyli9e’s the worst! *sob* *sniffle*

Is it working? Aww, I guess not. Oh well. It was worth a try. *snicker*

Oh! I should mention that wulfwulf is f2p! I’m so proud that he made the top 100! I’ve got him on a different list, the one that jareif’s on, my I-like-them-a-lot list. Not quite the he’s-really-really-hot list that ¢hrome, qknpzt, Pop, Collodi, RedSonia, and ThorAres are on, but much better than the just-you-wait list.

White Dragon Guild had Kolossus and Darkmoon in the Top 50, Taryn and brian represented Last Stand, and StrawHats fielded Maldor, aless, and Alchemist. Maldor also trounced me in a bout but since he’s a gentleman, he sweet talked me out of the funk I fell into from being beaten. But other than Maldor, I don’t know any of these players at all, but I’d love to. I like being able to add little anecdotes in the event wrap. I promise I’ll be nicer to you than I was to the BortPack.

Maison Mizy has 3 others in the top 100, bigbick, Fezncy, TimeChild besides myself. bigbick (that’s with a ‘b’) is new to bb2, I’m really impressed with his ranking. Fezncy is only 16, I’m so proud of how well he’s done. And TC, I was so worried about him. He stayed up till like 4 am, UK time, to stay in the top 100. He was also charging his phone while he was playing and I was just terrified that the battery would explode or something, it had apparently got really hot. I don’t know how he managed to go to work after staying up till 4 am. I only stayed up long enough to take screenshots at the end of the event, and I needed 3 cups of coffee before 9 am in order to function. And poor Fogline got edged out of the top 100 because of the double EP. So I have mixed feelings about double EP.

Sanguis and Free Pact round out the top 10 guilds. I don’t know anyone from those two guilds, so I can’t report on them. I should have gone into their recruiting threads and asked for help, it’s not like I haven’t been hijacking threads on the forum the last few days. So I’m sorry for that, but please pm me, line ID mizvirago, so that I can include your members in the event wrap.

I had 2 people give me the same information on Sanguis' top 100 players - cyhhjj, kalzang and mikali. Thank you Nars and Nirad. Nars pm'd me on LINE, and Nirad posted right here in the forum. cyhhjj, sweetie, do you need to buy a vowel? And I remember kalzang! He has a 6* and a 5* Zepar on his brig, and my plagiarized-from-TheBeasT brig beat it. There was more dancing and celebrating when that happened, of course

Free Pact had one player in the top 100, and it is HKpants. HKpants is noteable for wanting to threaten Alex with a gun just to get an avatar. He got Narun. Guess that's what happens when you threaten to threaten the god of these forums! hahaha!

An honorable mention to Team Hectic, because kwah made the top 5. I believe he managed to edge Hirule out of 4th place. Congratulations!

I love PvP, so I had great fun during this event, despite the seemingly inevitable network disconnects, and the grind that happened after double EP kicked in. I’m looking forward to the next PvP event already. So those of you on my just-you-wait list, well, just you wait!

Whew! This event wrap wore me out! So many men, so little time… I’ll see you around in the forum, most likely in a hijacked thread.

The Iron Wardens Prevail! -- 1 July, 2015Edit

Zepar was once a revered deity in the realms of Arnashia. But he was led astray by Hypnos, or so the myth goes. Finally captured by the Blood Brothers, Zepar was imprisoned, and guarded by the Iron Wardens, the Goliaths, through the centuries. But Hypnos had escaped during the fight, and despite the grievous wounds sustained, managed to survive the centuries. Now finally at full strength, she had used her full powers on the Iron Wardens. Under her spell, the Iron Wardens released Zepar. Cherchez la femme!

Enraged by the centuries of imprisonment, Zepar unleashed his wrath on Arnashia. Aided by Hypnos, they invaded the Warrior Competition that was in progress at the Arena.  Though taken by surprise, each War Guild rallied and fought the errant deity and his cohort valiantly. Grieved by their own susceptibility once they awakened from beneath the spell, the Iron Wardens came to the aid of the War Guilds.

Led by Strawdragons, lolWUT, and the Legion of Doom, the War Guilds spread out their troops to face this latest threat to Arnashia. To their dismay, they found that Zepar and Hypnos had acquired new allies in the past few centuries. Network-disconnects, unable-to-find-a-match, cannot-connect, ensure-you-have-a-stable-connection, and quick-strike, all new evils wrought by Zepar and Hypnos, proliferated across the battlefield, in turn attacking and harrying the beleaguered War Guilds. 

Bort, Strawhats, White Dragon, Sanguis, Russian Team, Free Pact and Last Stand followed the top 3 War Guilds, taking on many of the allies and fighting with distinction. They took their their fair share of the prizes.

Many of the smaller War Guilds fell back, but still others rallied to take the day in their own small corner of the fray. A new War Guild, Maison Mizy, small though they were, stood their ground and came away with pride at their own achievements, ahead of other more established guilds like Lod Lite, Team Courage, Legends, Bloodline, Anima, Borts Bros, Viet Union, Black Swords and Hong Kong.

While I fought determinedly, the top spot was won by Bishop10 of LoD, apparently not as busy during the week as he claimed he would be. Keldanor (and his 6* Zepar) of Strawdragons took the third spot. Manuk and Hirule, both of Bort took 4th and 5th respectively. Many warriors fought with distinction. In addition to Keldanor, Strawdragon had Lion, Tzuzor, darwinong, qknpzt, nazgul, DeV1s, Vanyra, Xanathos, DarkMoon, Super, anvo, Duke, SikNTwstd, j4v4ninja, Rashkae, sdv1, Collodi, Alanng all in the Top 100.

For lolWUT, druchii led the way from 6th place, followed by Hsutom, freakdiez, Timpson, storm, Nighthawk, Niels, Chillz, Datsun, Zulu, supercid, prOxyQQ, Frastard, hocken, all showing the Chortles mascot. I have yet to win a game against freakdiez. Luckily, I don’t draw him very often, as there must be some sort of mojo going on. It couldn’t possibly be that his strategy is better than mine… lol!

With dildo nose (Sutoku) pointing the way for Legion of Doom, Bishop10 led the field, with Entus, DarkLion, Pophigh, roddog, pipis, Harbinger, Beezlebub, Brady, Chirag, skidmark, panino, eddwheeld also making the Top 100. Many of the usual top rankers for LoD fell prey to Zepar’s new allies of network-disconnects. And just missing the top 100 is mi corazon, Redsonia.  

Manuk lead the Bort contingent. Hirule, lucasHood, Erza, Crazywulf, Croatoan, booboo9, cold made up the rest of the Borts in the Top 100. I had the most trouble with Hirule. I guess Hurricane Hirule decided to blow in and break my 78 game win streak. I’m quite sure he did it on purpose.   Somehow, he’s managed to jinx me too, I’ve not gone past 30 since.  Maison Mizy has only 2 in the Top 100. Myself in 2nd, and Fogline, one of Maison Mizy’s three lieutenants. Both of us showing Darynn, of course, as our mascot. Timechild and Dangishkhan are my other two lieutenants. 

No other guild has a mascot, and it is impossible for me to report on them. It is a shame as there are many excellent competitors that I would love to mention in my event wraps. I also won’t include those not showing the proper mascots, like, greybaum, donkeyboy, etc. I don’t have time to be checking on their affiliation.  

Please note that the Top 100 listed are as of 12:18 am EST. Feel free to let me know if some need to be added or removed. 

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did in this event, despite the issues faced. See you in the next event!

  • Credit to dangiskhan for the idea of Zepar escaping from prison

Swords and Scales, and Aquaman... I mean Dagon -- 25 June, 2015Edit

An interesting phenomenon occurred during the Swords and Scales event, the Strawdragons did not end up at the top of either the guild or the solo leaderboards. Certainly the rumbles on the forum made it clear that the rewards for this event did not measure up to anyone’s standards, and the disinterest from the Strawdragons bore that out.

Team Lolwut was a different story, however. Lead by Cookieman Crumble who cooked up massive individual points to the tune of 55+ million, the massive show of force from that guild put them in first place from the very beginning of the event. A total of 23 Chortles were displayed throughout the top 100, including a familiar name at #29. Marijuana is back and ranking very well.

The Legion of Doom is in second place, with Beezlebub Bash taking third place on the solo leaderboard, and a very respectable total of 20 people in the top 100. The Entus Eclipse made an amazing climb from outside the top 100 into 26th place, though falling a good 14 million points short of the 35 million points that he proclaimed he would put on the board. Reaper in 7th, DarkLion in 8th, pipis in 10th, mi corazon RedSonia in 12th, Daddycool in 13th round out the LoD contingent in the top 20. Followed by access, entus, masterpie, roddog, eddwheeld, PisCaRGoT, Tactician, oscarveli, rdevlin, PSpirit, panino, Brak, and skidmark all in the top 100. Well done, all, and I just knew roddog wouldn’t let eddwheeld stay ahead of him for very long.

Marauding Manuk of BORT maintained second place on the solo board, holding steady despite assaults on that position by Beezlebub and myself. I ended up placing fourth, just ahead of Capone from Strawdragons in fifth. It was a hard fought fight, and I only prevailed in the top 5 because Capone graciously went to natural regen instead of continuing to use sigils.

The Ezio Express went up to the top early, and stopped to save his sigils, only dropping to sixth place. Vanyra and Ashram are the only other Strawdragons in the top 20.

I had not planned to write an event wrap, because I was originally scheduled for surgery today. So this is a short one. The only other item that might be of interest is that I have left LoD, and started Maison Mizy, my own guild. Details can be found in the Guild recruitment page. I will miss the sing-a-longs during the long hours of the events.

I want to thank everyone who continues to read my articles. They will continue, as will the interviews. I think I’m done with Lady Darynn though. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m moving on.

I’m looking forward to PvP again. Despite its issues, it’s still my favorite and the most fun of the events. See you in the Arena!

A Tale of Two Guilds -- 4 June, 2015 Edit

It was the most exciting of times!  Guilds were finally arriving to Blood Brothers 2, and every single chat channel was buzzing because of the unexpected wrench in the works due to the 50 member limit for each guild.  I knew the two largest guilds, Strawhats and White Dragon Guild, on the BB2 forum would definitely have to make some decisions to deal with the member limit.  Then a new guild appeared on the scene called the Strawdragons.  With rumors proliferating at an exponential rate, I felt it best to get information from the source.  I contacted several elders from White Dragon, several officers from Strawhats, and Luffy, hoping to get to the truth of the matter.

qknpzt was the first to respond, but his answer was very brief.  I didn’t press him, as I felt he was uncomfortable talking about.  ThorAres (Thor) gave me a more detailed explanation from the WDG (White Dragon Guild) perspective that also covered qknpzt’s points, “We had heard rumors that guild size would be capped at 50, so the Elders in WDG knew we needed to make a determination on how to sort out the members of WDG.  After weeding out our inactive members, we found we were sitting between 70-80 members.  This gave us a couple of options to move forward with,” he paused, shaking his head at the memory.  “We could create 2 balanced smaller guilds which could tread water reasonably in rankings.  We could create a top guild and a lower guild with one doing exceptionally well and another being a proving ground or feeder type of guild.  Unfortunately, we didn't really like either of those options, so we were in a pickle, so to speak, on what to do since we wanted everyone to succeed.”  He stopped and shrugged.  It was a Gordian knot, to be sure.

“Then the fateful day came when we got our mvp emails which had that dreaded 50 number we knew was coming but hoped we wouldn't see.”  Thor heaved a huge put-upon sigh before continuing, “That morning Zeetiger came to me with a proposal on behalf of a group of Strawhats (SH).  That proposal was a merger of the 2 guilds and a creation of 3 separate guilds.  One being a super guild while the other 2 being able to place top 5 or at least t10.  An even number of SH and WDG would join into one guild to top the leaderboard while giving wdg and sh the ability to recreate guilds of 50 to unify their strength instead of having to split it into 2 guilds for each.”  He looked thoughtfully at me.  “I took that proposal to our elders for discussion, after which we presented it to our guild as a whole.  We did have a couple detractors on it but after a lot of discussion, like 12+ hours worth, we came to the decision as a whole to go along with the merger.”  He shrugged and said, “We did have 2 people leave over the decision, which was a shame.  But they’ve since returned, so that worked out.”

Vanyra gave me a little more insight to it from the seceding part of Strawhats (SH), “We hadn't been planning the merger at all really, other than random questions about a lack of leadership in Strawhats,and how that will be handled when guilds are implemented. The decision on the table at the time was having SH split into two groups, A and B, with the stronger of SH into group A. Once the mvp email came out announcing guilds, we had to spring into action, and that's when the merger idea came about. One of the main deciding factors, on the SH side, was that there was no sense of leadership in the guild. It was basically just a controlled chaos chat room.”

Zeetiger filled in a few more details, “Luffy was setting up a google doc for everyone to put their info into so that we could separate into 2 guilds, an A and B with A containing all the paying guys and therefore stronger.  3 days after the google doc was sent out for people to fill out, we got the mvp email about guilds.  At that point, all the top 20 guys and everyone from Officers’ chat (also known as Insane chat) wanted to know where Luffy was.  More time passed, and still no Luffy. So as the top 3 officers, Vanyra, Collodi and I decided we would go ahead and look at the document and split the group for Luffy according to what he said he wanted.  We ended up with about 20 in A and 45 in B, plus another 20 that were likely inactive.  We figured that 20 people for Guild A wasn’t going to be enough and we would need to recruit more to get it to be the top guild. I knew that WDG was having the same type of issue. That’s how this merger came about, 20-25 from each guild into one super guild.  Vanyra, Collodi and I felt that being friends with WDG was more beneficial than going against them.  Also, this way Guild A would be stronger, like a 10 instead of an 8, and Guild B would be a 7 or 8 instead of 4.  So the decision was between 10-8 or 8-4?   Now which looks better to you? Well, unfortunately, Luffy didn’t like the idea.”

Zeet shook his head ruefully, “We were just trying to help out the guild and did what the 3 of us felt was best.  It happened to be ok with about 95% of SH and WDG.  Only Luffy and maybe 5 others had issues with it.  Since then, everything on WDG side of things is fine, but Luffy only sees it as Strawdragons trying to poach members from him.  Collodi called SH a farm guild, because frankly that’s what Luffy wanted to do.  But now that we’ve split, he’s changed his mind to make himself look better in front of his guys.”

“Most games like this with big guilds have farm guilds.  LoD has LoD Lite. White Dragon has White Drake and Strawhats has Jolly Roger.  No matter what Luffy does, one guild will always be weaker than the other.  He just doesn’t like the phrase ‘farm guild’.  We offered Luffy a spot in Strawdragon to do with as he wished.  We figured he would stay and lead B guild with the other members but then he got upset over Strawhats being referred to as a B guild when in his eyes, it should be the main guild.”

Zeet shrugged.  “Things have calmed down since then.  Everyone in SD is happy, same with WDG.  I haven’t poached or plan to poach any of his guys, though Vanyra and I have had about 15 members from Strawhats come to us asking for a spot in WDG if Luffy goes out of control again.  He doesn’t realize that he lacks what he needs to lead.  He has the will but not the time.  Being around 1 hour every other day or so isn’t being a leader.”

“What has changed for a lot of people making them ready to be out the door is his swearing, Luffy went crazy with the swearing, in mod chat, in pms to me, and in his own chat.  He has even ignored his players asking him questions in order to spend time bad mouthing me.  I hold nothing personal against him.  I just think, and others agree, that he is unfit to lead.”

I had heard that Luffy hadn’t like the idea one iota, and had been very vocal about it.  So I asked him about it, because I knew that his plan had always been to split Strawhats into 2 guilds.  All the dire warnings from everyone had me a little nervous about talking to Luffy, despite the fact that he’d always been pleasant to me.

Luffy didn’t seem upset that I’d asked him about it.  “The plan for Strawhats was to split into 2 guilds, yes.  There would be the primary top ranking guild, Strawhats, and the other guild, which we eventually called JollyRogers.  Members would be able to move up to Strawhats by performing well in JollyRogers, and likewise Strawhats who became inactive would be moved to JollyRogers.  I developed a detailed roster of all members and their top 30 commanders, and had determined who would start in which guild.  This was the best method to account for all of the Strawhats, without cutting anyone out.  It would also have encouraged healthy competition between guild members.  The plan was be the #1 guild as Strawhats, and JollyRogers be top 5.  I believe that before the split we had the strength to do so.”

I was happy that Luffy seemed the same towards me, even though I could tell he was still very unhappy about the turn of events.

He went on to explain what happened from his perspective, “I was approached by Zeetiger with a proposition to merge our guild with WDG.  Essentially, I told him no. I believed that to be an awful idea that would break apart our guild.  I told him we would not do it and to let the others know.   Then I fell asleep.  I couldn't stay awake any longer, I had been up for 40 hours after losing a close friend, may he rest in peace.”  He was silent for a moment, his grief for his friend evident, before he continued,  “The next morning before guild release, I read my officer chat and see that my officers had already agreed with WDG to take the top 20 Rankers from each guild to make an unstoppably strong guild called Strawdragons.   The idea that they would take 20-25 of the strongest Strawhats and move them to another guild, which would then cripple the strength of the Strawhats, is beyond me.  I made it clear the idea was not good, and that I strongly opposed it.  My officers told me that I had given them authority to do what was best for the guild, so they had gone ahead and made the decision.  It was a major decision that has all but destroyed the Strawhats, for nothing but selfish pursuits.   They have destroyed the guild's paradigm, by taking all the top rankers from 2 guilds.  Their strength is overwhelming.  Look at them now, their scores are twice the second place guild scores.  In my opinion, they have ruined strong bonds for overwhelming power. No matter how you look at it, they left all the current Strawhats/JollyRogers behind.  Their new guild Strawdragons is only for the super elite, and will offer no opportunity for our guild members to move up.”

Bitterness spilled from him as he spoke to me.  And I couldn’t help but feel for him.  Grimacing, he continued,  “After gutting our guild of our strongest members, and bringing our strength from a dominant #1 to top 5, and going over my head, the leader of our group, to do something selfish such as seek power over friendship,  they still had the gall to refer to us as their farm guild.  I can say, with all my heart, that they have done enough harm to our guild, so, at that moment, I cut all ties with them.  They may have stolen half our name, and half our core members, but they've stolen none of our heart. Strawhats and JollyRogers are strong, and as time goes on we will only get stronger.”  Then he looked determined as he said, “I have some plans for the future to slowly develop our fleet into a strong coalition of guilds.”

He was quiet for a moment.  “Vanyra did come to me to ask if they could help us.  They offered us a spot in the guild at the end of every event.  A form of charity, if you will.  I told him that picking 1 person will only drive us apart, and it won’t help the guild hardly at all, just a few lucky individuals.  I told him thanks, but we will pass on that.”

“Vanyra then asked me to give him some ideas for how they can help us then.  I gave him two suggestions.  One, to have them join our guild during events to boost our points or two, join us when they’re dropping coin to spread amber to us.  I made it clear that doing something like this would help mend our bad relationship, and we would gladly accept the help.  It would be a form of reparation.”

Gently, I made a comment, “Well, doesn’t that mean they’re trying to help?”

He snorted in derision, “The 3 of them discussed it without taking it to the members and determined that my suggestions were disgusting, offensive, greedy, and that Strawhats were only trying to ride on their coattails and be carried.  Then they brought up how offensive I was to them and said they won’t help Strawhats because of me, which is pretty lame for my 90 other members, to not help them because of me.  But whatever, so we go back to having no ties.  They chose not to help us, and I now believe the initial 1 spot for us per event was just a jest to push us apart.  Maybe not, but really, they’ve been so malicious lately, I don’t know what to think.”

He stirred restlessly, still angry, but too polite to show it outright to me, “Let me tell you what happened in the first guild event.  Strawhats had a solid lead on 5th place, with WDG far behind us in 6th.  So what does Strawdragons do?  They send Ezio, the ultimate powerhouse, ranked 1st in every event, superhuman bb2 juggernaut, to join WDG and boost them.  They knocked us out of our solid 5th place lead and gained points at such a rate that we cannot compete.”

With a sharp inhalation, he continued, “If that isn’t complete malicious horsesh*t, I don’t know what is.  I have no idea what is wrong with these SD but from what I can gather, everyone who isn’t just a casual member of the guild and involved in decision making is corrupt, heartless, malicious and untrustworthy.  One of the worst groups of people I’ve ever met.”

I asked Collodi, as owner of Strawdragons, to comment on the situation.  He was quite adamant that there was no malice involved.  “We did something which we thought would be the most fun for the most people.  The lack of leadership from Luffy left us feeling like we had to take that initiative, so we did. We're sad he took it so personally, as we had planned to keep strong ties with SH from the start, just like we still have with WDG.”  His steady gaze on me, he said, “The important part is that with guilds becoming a reality, we wanted to control our destiny a bit more, especially since we hadn't seen the leadership we wanted from Luffy.”

The arrival of the Guilds seems to have turned into the best of times for the Strawdragons, White Dragon Guild, and White Drakes.  There seems to be a symbiosis in place for them that works very well.  While SD doesn't belong to WDG in any way, they do have a strong affiliation, and more importantly, a great relationship.

This does not seem to be the case for Strawhats and Jolly Roger with respect to Strawdragons.  On the contrary, it seems to have turned into the worst of times for the Strawhats Guild.  But, given time, perhaps this phoenix, too, will rise from the ashes, and give the Strawdragons a run for their money.

~ Mizy, Arnashia Times Reporter

Heroes of the Old win the day -- 3 June 2015Edit

That slacker Darynn still isn’t back from her romp with ¢hrome, so you’re stuck with Mizy writing this event wrap. I’m not as impartial as she is, so hang on to your hats.

To no one’s surprise, the StrawDragons had the lock on first place in the Guild Leaderboard. Get used to seeing the StrawDragons name on the event splash screen forever. Myself, I’ve just learned to ignore it. Just part of the scenery.

Of far more interest was the battle for second place between LolWut and the Legion of Doom. I’m not entirely sure when LoD began to pursue second place. I was too busy trying to secure my own place in the top 20, but when I finally paid attention to it, there was a 20 million point gap. The fun really began about a day and a half ago when both guilds kept swapping places, never very much more than 2 million points apart. But Lolwut stepped on the gas and put about 5 million points between us just as most of our players headed either to their jobs or to their beds, so LolWut retained second place. My hat’s off to them, we put up a good fight, but they won.

Bort and White Dragon rounds up the top 5. Kudos to White Dragon for the top 5 finish. I’m happy to see some of the former glory returning to that guild. Russian Team and StrawHats were 6th and 7th respectively. I’m glad to see both these teams doing well. There’ll be an interview with NickFayon in the near future, and one about the StrawHats this week. Keep an eye out for them. 8th place went to Sanguis, a guild I know nothing about. Come join us, if any of you are reading this!

Then, of course, a special congratulations to Lod Lite for their 9th place finish! Well done, boys! Hugs and kisses from Mizy!

And Last Stand wraps up the top 10. I still know very little about Last Stand, but there’s already an interview with Ghosty, and one in the works with Gazzu who owns the guild. So more information should be forthcoming.

I’m very happy for all the Guilds. I made an effort to take screenshots of the Guild leaderboard. See top 100 list below.

In the spirit of noblesse oblige... or something anyway, Ezio allowed Vanyra and darwinong to take the #1 and #2 spots respectively. Ostensibly to give them a chance at the MVP contest prizes. Well, I’m not entirely sure I know how I feel about this. Vanyra’s one of my favorite sons and I know he worked hard for the spot. I’m proud of him, with lots of hugs and kisses sent his way. But the thought that someone, or a few someones, controls the order of the ranking does not sit well with me. Wherefore the spirit of real competition? So, nothing really to say about the top 5, except that they are Strawdragons, ho hum.

My heart bleeds for Manuk however, having been edged out of the #5 spot in the last hours of the event. He’s the sole Bort representative in the top 20. I’ve been in the #6 spots a few times, and it’s not a fun place to be. Hugs and kisses to you too, Manuk.

Lion is in 7th place, which I’m most chagrined about. The man’s a beast! I’d been trying to pass him for 3 days. Clearly, 3 mins per insane run isn’t enough to catch up to him. But heartfelt congratulations nonetheless. It made the event that much more fun for me.

I’m in 8th place, once again proudly on top of the LoD alpha male contingent. Mmm, I do so love that position. But I just barely managed it this time. Entus had shot to the top 10 even before I started playing. I only passed him in the last few hours of the event. I was so stunned to see the #8 show up on the map, I fat-fingered that first move on the map and had to scramble to make it through without losing.

I know Darynn usually has these fancy alliterative names for newcomers to the top 20, but I’m not that good. So you’ll all have to wait till she gets back. albion, Tzuzor, AceV01, Novacat, and Ashram, made 10 through 14 respectively. Novacat is the top ranker for Lolwut, good to see one in the top 20.

Dark Moon and Super, in 15th and 16th are the White Dragon representatives in the top 20. Kudos to the two of you! My buddy qknpzt managed to hang on to 17th place, congratulations sweetheart! He brings up the rear of the Strawdragon contingent in the top 20, which totals 11. Eaglevn, the highest ranking Strawhat is in 18th. Beezlebub and Darklion make up the rest of the 4 LoD top 20 rankers.

Well, hey! ¢hrome made it to the top 20, even while out on a romp with Darynn. Hmm, going to have to question the girl to find out why she was so tied up that she couldn’t write this wrap when he has time to rank.

I can only count those in the top 100 that are wearing guild colors, this is what I have:
StrawDragons - 22
Lolwut - 13
LoD - 11
Bort - 8
WDG - 6

But the winners at the end of this event looks to be DeNA. More blood sigils have been spilled in this event than any other, judging by the point totals of the guild leaderboard. I hope the Heroes of Old are worth it!

Guild ranks
1 StrawDragons
2 Lolwut
3 LoD
4 Bort
5 White Dragon
6 Russian Team
7 Strawhats
8 Sanguis
9 Lod Lite
10 Last Stand
11 Bloodline
12 Free Pact
13 ** I’m sorry! I didn’t get this guild in any screenshot.
14 Viet Union
15 White Drakes
16 Anima
17 Hong Kong
18 Team Hectic
19 Starved
20 Team Exile
21 Vermillion
22 Thai Brother
23 Bahamut Base
24 Black Swords
25 Thai Empire
26 Goblinzz
27 H K Golden
28 Malaysian
29 Shticky
30 Team Courage
31 Lovely Lads
32 Bloodbros
33 Wolf Pack
34 Mexico
35 Dalek Return
36 Disorder
37 Destiny
38 Night Lords
39 The Dungeons
40 Blood League
41 Glory
42 Malazan
43 Francais
44 Zero Squad
45 B A M F
46 Legion
47 Spartacus
48 Skyline
49 Legends
50 Usa Glory
51 Italia
52 Hong Kong Bb
53 Taiwan G
54 Asian Pride
55 Indobrothers
56 Sg Wreckers
57 Nbapes
58 Heros
59 Swiss Guild
60 Taiwan Here
61 Silver Wolf
62 Battery Kill
63 Germany
64 Usa East
65 Blutrausch
66 House Stark
67 Latinos
68 Violators
69 Soul Eater
70 Fite Clan
71 Wutang Crew
72 Black Blood
73 Aces of War
74 Bb Az
75 Leones
76 Cluniazenser
77 Dena Warrior **Hmmm…. who are these, I wonder?
78 Canada
79 Polska
80 Usa Brothers
81 Bukkake Boys ** Umm, seriously? tsk, tsk
82 Swe Brothers
83 Australia
84 Romania
85 Vikings
86 Americans
87 Russia Ural
88 German Guard
89 Usa West
90 Wo T F
91 Spain Bb
92 Blood Lords
93 Ender
94 Poland Rules
95 Xxcel Force
96 Poland
97 Msry Signals
98 The Elite
99 British
100 New Yorkers

~ Mizy, Arnashia Times Reporter

From the Ashes of the first Guild Event -- 27 May 2015 Edit

At first it seemed impossible, but now it has become reality, the top spot in the Tactician’s leaderboard was not occupied by a StrawDragon. That honor went to Marauding Manuk of the BORT Guild, that cleverly acronymed Band of Renowned Tacticians Guild built by the brilliant and special men who bring us the BB2 wiki, Crazywulf, jareif and Hirule. With their guild in 3rd place, they proved that they could apply the facts they provide to the community at large as well as, or perhaps even better, than any other. BORT also has the Hirule Hurricane in 6th, and Crazywulf Crescendo in 20th, with an additional 3 guild members in the top 100 wearing the Bort badge.

Seemingly content not to chase the top spot, the Ezio Express, Collodi Charge, Keldanor Kill, and Vanyra Vault round out the top 5. Unsurprisingly, the StrawDragons guild, comprising of the cream of the StrawHats and White Dragon Guilds, have risen to the top to take a stranglehold on the top 100 and the top spot in the Guild Leaderboard. At a point total that is fully twice that of the second place guild, there is no doubt that those with credit, speed and time are in that guild, and that they are a lock for the top guild spot in events to come. With a total of 30 tacticians sporting Xeran, they are proving that here, indeed, there be dragons.

At the top of the rest of the competition sits Team Lolwut, represented by Chortles. This reporter finds the selection of Chortles ironically apropos, given the Arnashian lore associated with Chortles and the historical significance of the court jester. “He’s laughing at you, not with you” proclaims the lore, and historically, despite a general view of being the clown, it is the court jester who speaks the unpleasant truth. Sound vaguely familiar, anyone? While only Nighthawk Ninja remains in the top 20, there are 11 in the top 100, with a point total that indicates they are the ones to be wary of.

Despite having to deal with a nasty troll who left Mizy (MizVirago’s nickname in LoD) in tears; ridiculous allegations this reporter suspects originates from that same vicious troll; and with Mizy’s insulted annoyance at having her honesty and integrity questioned, the Legion of Doom fought their way, tooth and nail, into the top 5, moving up from seventh to sit in fourth place on the Guild Leaderboard. The last 48 hours saw a frenzy of activity as tacticians took shifts based on timezone to add to the Guild total, narrowly edging out first the Russian Team, then the Strawhats. Mizy sits proudly in 7th place on the Tactician's Leaderboard, on top of the LoD alpha male contingent, just as she claims she likes it. She is closely followed by TheDude ThatCheekySod at #14, the Entus Eclipse at #15, and DarkLion Dash at #16. 9 additional tacticians round out the top 100 for LoD for a lucky thirteen. A respectable showing after Mizy’s throwdown at the start of the event. Pophigh Pike and Beezlebub Bash also shoved their way up the leaderboard, only to end disappointingly shy of the top 20.

With Maldor Magic and Eaglvn Effect in the top 20, the StrawHats Guild is represented. Originally one of two top guilds, this once proud and strong guild had to claw its way past the Russian Team to snatch fifth place in the last hours of the competition. While it is difficult to be certain as StrawHats are not all displaying Snok Snok, there only seems to be 2 other members in the top 100.

As far as this reporter can tell, there are no members of the Russian Team in the Top 20, despite the guild’s highly respectable 6th place showing in the guild competition, however, Animag, leondm, Genariok, Nicholas, and Obereg from this mysterious guild made the Top 100. Perhaps the members of the guild will join in our revels now that this event has broken the ice.

White Dragon, the oldest guild, had every anticipation of exciting competition for the top 2 spots in head to head guild competition with the StrawHats, but now languishes in 7th place due to the exodus of its top players to StrawDragons. Without Narun in place, this reporter cannot ascertain which members from this guild is on the Tactician’s leaderboard. It is a sad day indeed for the White Dragons.

As per usual, the changes in the Arena were welcomed by some and reviled by others, but all in all, the results were positive. PvP now requires more skill and strategy, a positive change from the all or nothing bloodbath it once was. The disconnects, however, are still a huge issue, disrupting win streaks and fraying tempers for many. The guild chat is buggy and needs to be looked at as soon as possible. What began as fun way to encourage guildies quickly became a royal pain in the you-know-where. Still, all in all, this reporter considers this event a success.

~Mizy, Arnashia Times Reporter

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